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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


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Kate Amdahl

Hi Ophelia! Beautiful finds, as always! I did want to mention, though, that in some of the Second Life universe (Australia and Brazil come to mind), it's about to be *winter*, so...well, what does that do to Seasons in Second Life? I like to celebrate my local seasons, but I'm beginning to feel a little northhemispherocentric... ;)

sabina Nakajima

lovely post, mind telling us where the shoes are from? esp the last 4? photos.... :)


I recognize some of the shoes but not all: Juicy shoes, Periquita, ::69::, Maitreya, not sure about the last pair.

Iris Ophelia

My pleasure to, sabina! All the shoes in order of appearance are from the following stores:
::SixtyNine:: (again)
Juicy shoes

And Kate, I otally know what you mean, and I consider the hemisphere dilemma whenever I write an article like this. Unfortunately because so much of the fashion market is dictated in the northern hemisphere between Europe and North America, it seems like an unavoidable situation. That being said... Wearing what you personally want to wear no matter what the time of year it is or where in the world you are, that's part of the beauty of dressing in SL. Go where your inspiration takes you, hemispheres be damned. ^^

Aisuru Rieko

hello, I'd like to know where the hair in pic 3 came from? You're wearing the Voigt tankini in that picture.

Iris Ophelia

Aisuru: 1) I love your name! 2) It's the April limited edition from Gurl6. I don't think it's still available, but she has lots of similar styles, and new limited editions every month. ^^


Brilliant, Iris. I always look forward to your articles here!! Would love to see more!

Kallie Faulkes

Hi Iris, not sure i'll get a reply but I might as well try. Wheres the hair from in the grass skirt pic from Hicadoola?

Thanks and awesome article.

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