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Friday, June 06, 2008


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Alpha Auer

Thanks for this post. I love it - obviously. I mean I would, wouldn't I? hhh

I would probably be able to muddle my way through to somehow stream Quarophenia. I have the MP3's right here on my hard drive and I could just put them somewhere on my RL website and then link that up to Syncretia, right? And, if I messed up, one of my engineering students could always be conned into bailing me out, I guess.

The problem is obtaining the legal permission to do so. Without that, Pete Townshend's lawyers would be chasing my sorry ass all over the metaverse - and with excellent reason too, I might add...

Hamlet Au

Alpha, far as I know, there's no explicit copyright problem with streaming music in SL; the record industry is way more concerned about *downloads*. I say "explicit" because I've read lawyers' opinions that SL landowners should be paying some kind of performance fee for hosting music, but I believe that's not gone to court. Maybe a reader can help us out here?

SL Musico

I think the issue is that the SL stream would constitute a broadcast just like radio and would therefore be subject to radio licensing fees. Hey I love the Who but why not ask one of the multitude of great SL artists if they'd like to contribute to your sim? I'm sure that most of them would be interested and not nearly as difficult as the big record industry can be.

Alpha Auer

You see, the thing is that I do not really want "music" at all at Syncretia. ( tsk... tsk... I am being difficult here aren't I?). So, it is in no way a search for "music" as such. There are a lot of "natural" sound effects in place at Syncretia, especially a lot that have to do with water. I love those effects and I would only be willing to sacrifice them for something that has some true meaning for me - which would be the Who in this case. And even then, probably at very specific spots only - not over the entire island...

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