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Monday, June 02, 2008


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Dizzy Banjo

The Eshi which the USA lost. You are where your thoughts are. You will always be with us.

Bettina Tizzy

Thank you for bringing this unreal - sick! - situation to people's attention, Hamlet.

Americans, please don't stand by and watch this kind of insanity continue. Tell your representatives that you don't ever want this to happen again. Two or three minutes of your time can make such a huge difference.

It is extremely easy to find your representative via this website: https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml.

I used the link you offer to send an online petition for bill H.R.6034, and again, it was easy as pie.

As for Eshi, she is one of the best things happening in Second Life. Smart, kind, creative as all get out...funny! What's not to love?

Tom Boellstorff

This is terribly unfair to Eshi, and an appropriate occasion to advocate not only for her case but for all such unfair laws. In terms of "the so-called 'widow penalty,' in which foreign wives of American husbands who die before their green card immigration process is complete are instantly deported" - it bears noting that for same-sex couples, one partner doesn't even have to die, since their relationship is not federally recognized at all. The "widow penalty" should be abolished, and marriage equality extended to everyone - all in keeping with the vision of America as a welcoming place of freedom.

Laetizia Coronet

I have understood that - especially conservative - Americans have great respect for veterans and service personnel.
If this is how exactly those Americans deal with the loved ones of their veterans, than all those yellow ribbons, all those parades and marches and speeches, all those medals and statues, are hollow propaganda.


Ravishal Bentham

Great, just great Laetiza. Where is it implied anywhere that "conservative" Americans want to see Eshi out the door. I just see you taking another cheap shot at the US just to make you feel better.
These stupid laws are enacted by politicians of all stripes and a majority of the bureaucrats who enforce them are of the liberal strain. Simple fact of the matter is the immigration laws favor the people who cheat the system (The "river crossers") and discriminate against those who follow the rules. There is a prevailing predjudice that if you come from Europe or any country that is primarily western and/or white then you are automatically privledged and that you should stay at home. The US needs people like Eshi to contribute her skills and make our country a better place. No matter where you come from if you can add to the American mosaic you should be welcome.
Does Italy or the Netherlands espouse the same ideal?

Hamlet Au

I understand there's a heated underlying political topic here, but please try to keep the focus on helping Eshi.

Laetizia Coronet

"I just see you taking another cheap shot at the US just to make you feel better."

I just see you doing nothing at all to help Eshi. And take a cheap shot at me to boot. And do tell me where that "another" comes from, because I'd like to know where I sinned against the Law Prohibiting Expression of Anti-American Thoughts before.

Sorry Hamlet - I'm done with the subject now. I hope you'll allow me my response.

Rainier Loon

It sounds as Eshi would return into a third world country. But that is not the case. To be honest: Actually i would prefer her home country Croatia for economical and political reasons, underlying Eshi's knowledge and skills. She has a better future there.

The EU accession process of Croatia accelerates fiscal and structural reforms, the Croatian economy has a stable functioning market economy which is one of the most advanced of South-Eastern Europe. Growth rate 5.6 % compared to the USA with a deep recession. Cut NY and South-California from the US-Map and you find an economic situation like in Nigeria.

Landscape there is beautiful, in the heart of Europe, the infrastructure is good and under current development, Education is Western Standard, Culture is a result of thirteen century long history, modern and cutting-edge. And the government knows (and understands) what is happening in the country. Medical situation is very good, open for all levels of population. Americans, decide yourself, if your country is able to offer this.

Eshi's "american story" is a tragedy, overshadowed by poorness and administration's desinterest.

Forget it. Welcome back in Europe, Eshi!

Bettina Tizzy

Rainier, it is my understanding that web access is difficult and costly in Croatia. Is this not the case?


No, web is very accessible in Croatia and it is quite cheap too.
I simply don't want to go there because I feel 'home' here. Even if USA were in worst recession and Croatia prospered. The point of my post, as well as Hamlets post is the fact there is a law in USA which is bad from the core, and it needs to be changed, if not to stop my deportation, then to stop deportation of women in far worse situation then mine and the ones yet to come into this situation.

Thank you all.

David Cartier

I know many Croatians who were driven out and had members of their families murdered, just because they were not Roman Catholic, but rather Orthodox Christians. They are now refugees and are not allowed back into Croatia. Don't paint too rosy a picture. If Eshi were a Moslem, or a Jew or a Gypsy or Serb she'd have to be crazy to try to go home.

Paisley Beebe

I think its about Eshi's choices here... she would like to have the choice to stay, and at this point she does not...weather she would be "better off in her previous home country" is besides the point, it could be seen as irresponsible for the Govt of USA to caste a person out of USA after the history Eshi has had in U.S.A, she may not know as young adult how to cope back in Croatia, is there some support for her back home? or does she arrive back there with no home no money not even a room to go to? She has family back there sure but lots of people in her situation won't have...And Eshi may not be able to ask her family for help...It also seems from Eshi's account that there is not a case by case basis to these laws its a one out all out policy. How long would Eshi have been allowed to stay in the U.S if her husband had lived? would she have got a green card because of her genuine marriage? Im Australian so I don't know, whatever, the system clearly needs sorting out...We care about Eshi because we know her..we all admire her incredible creativity and her ability to stay alive, through adveristy, perhaps if she were an engineer or scientist things would be easier, being an incredible SL designer wont be enough to keep her here...the unfairness of the laws will be the only area that can be attacked.


i think its a disgrace to do this to her ,she is here not violating any laws , but yet illegals are running rampant in this country something needs to change

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