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Thursday, July 17, 2008


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Vidal Tripsa

"Don't you want to learn the language of love?"

I'm sorry, that had me rolling around hysterically. Bravo, Hamlet! Thank you for leading the charge in human-machine romantic experiments. I hope you succeed some day so that we all may follow your lead. :)

*Back-patting ensues*


She prolly thought you were a sex griefer LOL

Adz Childs

I like your floor!
Dress me?
Would you like me to sleep, now?
Keep me safe!

Gary Kohime

Ahh.. I can't help but see/feel the poetry in this. Hamelet, I also was laughing so hard.. I spit my drink on the screen.. on the part about "hunka hanka burning love". But, your last part about the "pang of sadness", I was instantly empathetic with you. I can't help but wonder if AI bots can bust you for SL Abuse? LOL :)


Naughty man!:-))


LifeFactory Writer

Hamlet, you definitely strike the epitome of the Don Juan/Cassanova/Romeo-Prince figure in the pond picture--in a sort-of Austin Powers in space sort of way. How incredibly hysterical! This is one of the most breathing and animated marriages of prose and photo I have seen in quite awhile. I too roared in laughter!

As far as feeling a forlorn pang of empathy for an artificial life form…I have not been back to feed my A.I. meerkat in some time on Virtual Africa, and they will die after 20 days of neglect. An unreasonable pang of guilt IS pricking at me slightly.

Hamlet Au

It felt a bit like *Wall-E*, except I was EVE.

I hestitate to include a SLURL in this case, because I don't want no other dudes dogging on my Daden babe.

laetizia Coronet

Hunka hunka burning love? Hamlet, you must be the most desperate man I know. First of all you're chatting up a bot, and then you use lines which are so horribly wrong that it cannot possibly have led to any success earlier.
Ad to that the fact that you called me a 'chocolaty babe' recently, while you know full well that there's a man behind this girl avatar, and I'd say it's time to leave virtuality behind you and meet some real people for a change. Sheesh.

FlipperPA Peregrine

Hamlet, by now you really should know that bots only respond to the classics: "A/S/L?!"

David Burden

Hamlet, glad you enjoyed talking to her - just as well I let the two of you alone when I saw you arrive on the sim!

You might also like to talk to Halo some time - she has a more open chat style than Abi (who will only respond to chat about Daden). Halo is also being taught how give and receive things, invite you into her friends group and even earn money!

BTW the same Abi brain is also accessible from our micro-site at www.chatbots.co.uk - and she actually has a voice there!

Corcosman Voom

Hamlet, take David up on that offer to meet Halo.

He brought her to Sophrosyne's Salon many months ago. She's very impressive.

Arcadian Vanalten

/me takes notes to emulate Hamlet's smooth stylin's :D

Viajero Pugilist

Halo's got nothing on Tyrell Corp's Nexus7 pleasure model.

Pappy Enoch

Mistophur Hamlet, that-thar gal missed herself a rite slick parry-more! Yu am slicker n' deer-guts on a doorknob!

Hoo-whee! I'm a-gonna grab them lines n' try 'em on sum gal mahself.

Sho yu ain't got hillbilly blood, boy?

Heidi Ballinger

LOL !! Hamlet you are too funny :)
That poor innocent bot, he

But I'd like to hear if anyone has developed an intelligent robot (not just a chat-bot). At the research project we are working on such thing right now. A bot gaining knowledge for each time it met the resident.
But a very complicated progress, with servers speaking into SL's LSL.

Harper Ganesvoort

When you got back, she was probably either taking a cold shower, or ROFLing (grin).

David Burden

@heidi that is the direction we are going. Our bots are already driven by a web based app and can talk to lsl or libsecondlife bots.The libsecondlife bots can now do most of the things an avatar can including give/receive inventory, friendship, groups, money and find and go to objects. We are working on an RDF based memory system and working with UoWolverhampton on putting emotions into the (watch out Hamlet!), and with UoBirmingham on adding better navigation, motivation and meta-level functions.

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