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Friday, July 04, 2008


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Nebulosus Severine

Three words:

Brooklyn Is Watching.

New podcast every week about art that's crossing the SL/RL boundaries.

Corcosman Voom

Crap Mariner maintains a directory of SL podcasters with brief descriptions of their general content:


Crap Mariner

/me salutes

And if you're interested in meeting other SL podcasters, well, there's a Podmafia recording session today after 7:00AM SLT on the Nowhereville sim.

I think the start time is really 7:30AM, but there will be folks there early.


Definitely check out the aforementioned directory of Crap's. And, while by no means a complete list, and fully recognizing there are some great ones not on this list, check out SLPN at http://slpodcast.net/ ... I listen to most of those myself.

And if you're not on Crap's list, IM him, email him, whatever. He's good about adding podcasts that are SL related.


Also, my name is radar, not rdaar as I spelled it above :) Hee hee... must... seek... caffeine!

John Swords (SL: Johnny Ming)

For me, the Golden Age of Second Life (and its user-generated media) will always be 2006. Machinima, audio podcasts, live interviews and town halls in Second Life all flourished that year, long before SL had features like built-in voice.

It is very cool to see this many podcasts now about Second Life. When I started putting together Secondcast in late 2005, I think there was only one other community focused podcast at that time.

While I don't spend much time in SL these days, I can't wait to check out what everybody is cooking up.

ColeMarie Soleil

We aren't all gone we're just hiding

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