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Friday, July 04, 2008


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eggy lippmann

I still have all that old stuff lying around lol.
We need to do this again.
We still have insane restrictions on our creative freedom, dating all the way back to alpha or so.
Like, why can't I rez an object further than 10 meters, or move it (non-physically) more than 10 meters at a time?
The workarounds we do to counter these are costing us time and performance.
I see no reason for keeping them, or for any performance tradeoff to be in LL's hands rather than the estate owner.
It forces SL projects down a too-narrow path. We could be doing a lot more with this technology!

Nexus Burbclave

An excellent article with some very good conclusions. I would say that issue one is probably the point where most of the protests seem to get off track, and rarely are your other points even visited by the less successful protests. It seems like valid points on Linden's blog are all too often lost in a sea of ad hominem attacks. I suppose some of this is the natural flow of internet discourse, but it does seem highly counterproductive.

Laetizia Coronet

Yes, i am known to be rather personal and in-your-face about things, like my war against Mia Linden.
That personal aspect is what makes protests derail, but there is also the enormous growth to take into account: so what if 1000 residents complain? 62.000 more are happily plodding along and may never even read the LL blog (or this one, for that matter). You need a hell of a lot of protesters to make any impact at all these days.

Ordinal Malaprop

The thing is, of course, that there were only about eight residents then anyway, and two of them were alts.

Eric Reuters

I'd like to add "put your personal reputation on the line." Nothing impressed me less than one noisy demonstration held on Reuters Island a few months ago, full of cheering and banner-waving, all by avs with day-old accounts. When I asked why the accounts were all brand-new, the lead protester told me "well if we used our real SL accounts we might get in trouble."


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