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Monday, July 21, 2008


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"not everybody wants to be a content creator"

Those words probably sound like sacrilege to some but to me that's the most intelligent and hopeful thing I've heard a Linden say in years. At the moment SL is full of performers, some very talented people, but with very little audience - if we're to move to the next level we need to open the doors and let the audience in.

Here's hoping he gets it done...

Laetizia Coronet

For the first time I have read more about this Love Machine business. To me it sounds like it creates a totally skewered vision on reality. What happens if LL staffers go wrong? I have an image of Lindens with their fingers in their ears, loudly singing happy songs in the face of their own errors.
Some positive motivational force is good, but the positive cannot exist without the negative.

Sophrosyne Stenvaag

This is the most encouraging set of statements I've ever heard from a Linden.

One of the biggest ways in which product design goes wrong - and the SL viewer has definitely gone wrong in its evolution - comes from engineers imagining themselves as the user base. This results in products that are completely intuitive to use - if you're a professional software engineer.

M's focus on the *real* users, on improving their experience and enabling it to be tailored to evolving - and divergent! - needs is just what LL and we users need.

Helena Whittlesea

"The functionality of the viewer should expand as your comfort with the medium grows. How we do that I think will become clear as we spend more time with Residents, we do more research, we test different ideas, but that's the basic premise."

Spend more time with Residents? As opposed to running and hiding anytime one of them approaches a Linden, especially in a context that is not predetermined (by LL) and carefully controlled (by LL)? My, that DOES sound so crazy it just might work. Maybe the new CEO, a self-described "heavy Lover", would like to mosey on over to here -


- and spread a little of that LL love to the Residents. Or is that asking too much from a company that never misses a chance to talk about the "Love Machine"? Interesting that the LM is a way for LL'ers to "positively reinforce" and congratulate *themselves*. I don't recall ever having heard or read about any mechanism intended to provide greater and more useful context for all those positively-reinforced LL'ers. What might that mechanism be? Gee, I don't know, maybe something like "Resident-Experience Reality-Check Machine". Oh sure, it's not as pithy and cuddly as "Love Machine", and a blissed-out Linden could wander by and hurt himself on those hyphens, but it might do wonders for the relationship between LL and Residents.

Yes, I know the "Love Machine" is about LL itself, its uber-hip corporate culture, and so on, but - in all frankness - that corporate culture, and LL itself, are for the most part only of interest because of this little project called Second Life, a project that is dead in the water without Residents. The relationship between LL and Residents is inherent. Yet there seems compelling evidence that LL is content to operate without honest regard for its necessary other half. An oblivious LL seems happy to let this inherent relationship languish and suffer from neglect, and the supposed "Love Machine" is exhibit A: inviting and rewarding in-house praise for positives but ignoring attempts to identify and resolve negatives? How about "Narcissism Machine", "Ego Machine", or maybe, in the spirit of accuracy if one insists on the language of romance, "Infatuation Machine"?

Attracting Residents and keeping them once they've arrived - bravo to M Linden for talking the talk about making this a priority. When he gets around the walking the walk, I'll be the first to throw an in-world Resident Sanctioned(tm) "Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry, You Weren't Listening, What Was That Again?" party.

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