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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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Sophrosyne Stenvaag

Dammit, Hamlet!

Now you've gotten me thinking about Anarchy, State & Utopia, Ken Macleod's critique in The Star Fraction and the possible effects of OpenSim in encouraging isolated pico-states...

And right as I'm going offline for five days! Gaah! :D

Princess Ivory

Well I watched it. But then when I went to comment, or to watch again, I am getting 404 error on the Reason site, and it seems to be gone. It dones not show up in the list of 16 archive titles, either. I can find no mention of it.

Hmmm..... what's up with that? So much for libertarian. Hope it's just a bug.

Princess Ivory

Hamlet Au

Good catch, Princess, apparently I blogged the video before it was fully ready for broadcast. Sorry about that!

Kate Amdahl

But Hamlet, Drew's already been *in* Second Life! See?

This was from some time ago, but here's a picture ...

callie cline

darn i wish i would have seen it, i cant wait it was fun to shoot and do the voice over too. i hope it turned out well and can't wait!!!

i got to slow dance with drew on my shoot :) did you?? lol...

hahahah just joking!

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