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Monday, July 07, 2008


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eggy lippmann

Meetings. What a dull use for something that could host all of the world's MMOs, museums, and monuments.
Will we see a richly interactive 3D version of wikipedia before we die?
All of the world's knowledge and entertainment in an immersive, social setting?

Ian Betteridge

If you find meetings dull, you're in the wrong job. Or having too many meetings. You think camping chairs are a better use?

Aleister Kronos

If I had camping chairs for when I have to attend meetings then I'd be a much happier chap. Then again, I prefer to stand and walk about during meetings, as I find it helps me think better and I enjoy the meeting more.

As for us Brits spending more time in SL... maybe we're just trying to get away from the horrors of the slow motion car crash that is the British economy at the moment.

eggy lippmann

Dear Ian, thank you for your comment. I don't find meetings dull. I find them a dull use, or rather, a very minimal, non-ambitious and non-exciting use of a very complex, ambitious and exciting piece of software.
I mentioned some uses that I would find more interesting, above :)

Exosius Woolley

Meetings may be "dull," but I can attend them without paying for car or jet fuel. And that's really the point for us. Being able to speak, share and chat privately while collaborating over thousands of miles is not an insignificant advantage.

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