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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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LifeFactory Writer

Life smiles at Hamlet Some days those could be bowling balls!

Vidal Tripsa

Quite impressive! I myself am waiting on the time and patience to make myself a pullstring that gets tugged and slowly reels in when it's my turn to speak. Apart from that I just stand still and words appear from the ether, directly into your imagination. :)

Valentina Kendal

I love that idea Vidal! Please make it a long string, so our arms don't get tired during conversations with you. I have a friend who made herself a wind up 'doll key' for her back - it turns, and when it runs down she slumps over in the 'Away' pose.

CyFishy Traveler

I've seen laptops and keyboards appear under people's hands as they type, but juggling is a new one. Very clever!

LifeFactory Writer

I love the pull-out string and wind up ideas!

I was in a room with a woman the other day who was born without arms. Her profile states that she does not consider herself handicapped, as her feet function as her hands.

Her avatar also has no arms, and her feet lift and type as she chats.

Jessyka Richard

I love typing overrides. I have ones that vary from gesturing like I'm giving a lecture to a whole 10 piece drum kit appearing from nowhere for me to hammer on Animal-style. Who needs a laptop when you can have an Apple II, complete with 5.5" floppy drives and mouse, to type on?

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