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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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Mitch Wagner

The list is really just the best list of Second Life casual gaming that I've ever seen.

Well, actually, it's not casual gaming in the classic sense of the word -- but I'm thinking that it's a list of things to do if you just want to log in and hang out, alone or with your buds, and not have to strain your brain with heavy thinking or drama.

RightAsRain Rimbaud

but if many female avs are really men--then is this the right list? Or maybe male av are women so it is good then? then again who is dating whom? gender is mind bending...

Hawksrock Gunawan

Thanks for the call out Wagner. Your right about it being a list of best of sites in SL from my perspective. I haven't opened my kink folder yet, because I was trying to keep with the romantic theme of the original 50 first dates movie, but I might end up going there to hit 50... lol.

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