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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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Marcus Perry

It should be stressed again that BSG47 is not a combat sim but that primary focus is on roleplay. No matter if in the military, the civilian or the cylon branch, you can play everything from Viper pilot, Marine or CIC officer to civilian reporter, doctor, bartender or even cylon skinjob - anything you ever wanted to RP in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA universe, at BSG47 you can !

Cathiee McMillan

There is also another Battlestar Galactica Sim in Second life Called BSG-21 or the Battle star Mercury we have been using Vice since the begining of our sim, we are always making improvements as well to our system. With our Vice contact Julian, He has also scripted Newtonian flight system with the Ships in our sim.
I would urge people to check out both places.
BSG47 as well as BSG21 since many people cross over to both sims.

Thank you

yevka Laws

It should be noted though BSG-21 does have a fine combat system and that is a lot of fun, its primary purpose is also role play.

But its definitely worth a look to visit them both.


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