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Thursday, August 14, 2008


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Connie Sec

Great stuff. I've never heard him, but will make a point to have a listen soon. And its wonderful that SL can support such a thriving music scene. This shows there there is "Strength in Diversity"

Troy McLuhan

Von Johin and Cypress Rosewood also founded a company named Metaverse Media Group. They were the folks who helped Gibson Guitar Corporation get set up in SL (on a sim named Gibson Island).

Also, check out this interview with Von Johin, recorded in SL on September 24, 2007: http://tinyurl.com/5v97yy

Nexii Malthus

Simply Awesome.

Lowell Cremorne

First - good luck to Von with his campaign for conitnued success.

Second - I've been amazed that both Wired and NWN swallow hook line and sinker the 'world record deal' line.

I've written about that here: http://www.metaversejournal.com/2008/08/13/von-johins-public-relations-bid-for-stardom/

Again - no ill will to Von, just wanting to shine some light on PR practices that seem to be accepted without question.

Hamlet Au

I read that Metaverse Journal post, Lowell. Your argument seems to be that this deal is not significant because anyone can now publish their music on iTunes or wherever. This may be narrowly true, but it misses the fact that a record label deal generally provides an infrastructure of promotion, distribution, marketing, cross-promotion, multi-media synergy, licensing arrangements, real world concert tour arrangements, etc. etc. etc., functions that are difficult if not impossible for an independent artist to do themselves. It's sort of like saying a contract with a book publisher is not significant, since anyone can publish a book at Kinkos.

Ann Otoole

Congrats to Von. A record deal is a record deal and if that is what Von wanted then more power to him. (I hope he got a better deal than most first timers rofl)

Lowell Cremorne

Hamlet, I take your point but a digital deal to me IS the equivalent of everyone being able to do it. If we were talking the traditional 'worldwide record deal' (physical product in brick and mortar stores worldwide, promotions, store launches etc etc) then there's a true story there.

I know of 3 or 4 other avatars with albums in production in pro studios etc with exactly the same end result as Von's i.e. worldwide delivery. YEs, Von is first and that's noteworthy but I just question some of the hyperbole behind the announcement ;)

Paisley Beebe

There are Record Deals and Record Deals....Some of the biggest Record companies in the world "sign" an artist spend enormous amounts of money on recording and then bury the record in their warehouse no promotion and no tours. Distribution is relatively easy today I have my albums everywhere all done by myself. But I have no mass media Marketing no posters on bus stops, and no world or even Aussie tours. I could organize some of that myself but It sooooo much harder and the crowd would be very small by comparison to a Record Company deal if they are good. I believe that Von has signed a traditional contract ( on looking at his press release, he can elaborate on that if he wants to) and the record company therefor would be doing more that just digital distribution. Real CD's in bricks and mortar shops is also easy to do as well an independent I have that, Barns and Nobel KMart all of that through an independent distributer, easy peasy...With a "Real Deal" record deal I would hope the record company would "promote me and the Album and arrange tours at a much higher level than I currently have access to. Jon certainly deserves the promotion if you have taken the trouble to hear him, yes he has been on my show I only have the best :) Good luck to him lets not "rain on his Parade" May there be many many more legitimate offers to SL artists at least he was offered SOMETHING the story was...that there was even a record company in here scouting for gods sake! Paisley

Paisley Beebe

Oh just an add to my comment If I may... have confirmed after the above post, that Von has actually signed the contract as his Avatar not as his RL self. Thats Gotta Be a first!!! It will be a Von Johin Album.

Kat Claxton

"Von has actually signed the contract as his Avatar not as his RL self. Thats Gotta Be a first!"

Actually Paisley it's not a first. I personally know of at least one other avatar releasing their music worldwide under their Second Life persona who signed their distribution contract long before this, and rumor has it that there are more avatars who have done the same.

As far as whether signing with someone like Tunecore is equivalent to signing with a non-virtual record label, I would argue that it is comperable on the basis that you are automatically provided with the means to market and promote your music with resources comperable to what a RL label would offer. You are automatically given the opportunity to exploit high search engine rankings, and you are automatically provided with the means to market and distribute your music as widely as if you had put CDs in a record store. Also, with applications like iTunes, you are directly interfacing with any computer that has iTunes installed, which could be said to work similar to direct mailing. I think a valid argument can be made that the publicity is every bit as much there with an online label as it would be with a non-virtual label.

Beyond all of this, I do want to point out that this is a very exciting thing for Von, and great inspiration for virtual musicians all over the grid. I'm very happy to see the SL music community get some focus and attention, and I appreciate that Von made that possible. My congratulations go out to Mr. Johin, and I wish him all the best success in his new venture. :-)

Iosef Glanz

If not Von Johin, then who is the first? After reading this I went all through Google and SL's different news and music sites, and I can't find anyone else who has had their avatar signed to a RL record company. I can see why they'd make the claim if they found what I did the last day or so searching, which was nothing. I did get to discover some great music I had not heard before. SL has a lot of talented musicians on it from all kinds of styles. Awesome. I found a ton of albums released by avatars on their own, Found a great story on Wired about the unsigned talent on SL. Found stories about major and indie labels using SL to promote their RL signed acts. And I found where EMI hired the co-founder of SL, but that's not giving him a record deal! lol

Found lots of RL bands coming into SL to make avatars and do shows....found signed and unsigned bands doing that, but after going through about 30 pages for each kind of search, I think Von's label was right to make the claim. If some other av got signed to a RL label before he did, their label and they sure didn't have the good sense to tell the media, 'cause the only thing that turns up on Google for avatar record deal is Von Johin and this Reality Entertainment thing (ironic name for the label, huh?)

HoneyBear Lilliehook

Absolutely one of the best performers in SL. I'm *very* happy to hear this news!

Dennis Kinsey

Von Johin may be the first “blues” artist signed to a real-life record deal from Second Life, but he is not the first musician signed. We signed Bara Jonson (a Swedish singer and songwriter) in May 2008. Bara is coming to Syracuse, NY later this month to play at Jazz Central and to record his debut CD, “Far and Away.”

By the way, we love Johin’s work and catch his SL shows often. Bravo to Von Johin, Warren Croyle and Reality Entertainment. I look forward to buying Von’s real-life CD. It doesn’t matter who is “first.” What matters is that talented SL musicians, including Bara Jonson, Von Johin and others, are also finding real-life outlets for their music.

Best regards,
Dennis Kinsey, Head Honcho
Hondo Mesa Records
PO Box 35303
Syracuse, NY 13235

SL Resident

Von Johin is the first avatar ever given a real life record deal. People cannot seem to understand that the record deal was given to the avatar and not the real life person behind the avatar. Maybe Mr. Kinsey should get his facts straight before making comments about the "avatar" contract. Bara Jonson got a deal with his real life self, not his avatar, or at least that is what he has said in SL for months. Von will never be seen playing at jazz central unless they put up a big screen so Von can be streamed from SL.

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Looks like John put on a great gig.

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