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Friday, August 08, 2008


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Darien Mason

I once slipped into the home of JJ Drinkwater, one of Caledon's Library staff. I set up an image of Edward Gorey's Doubtful Guest next to his shelves, happily ripping pages from a book and flinging them across the room.

He told me he fell out of his seat laughing when he found it. It hasn't been returned yet. :D

Winter Wardhani

Our Islands (Portucalis) are opened to everyone and no orbs are allowed.

Although we don't have great trouble with litter left by visitors, I did find once a 3 storey house on my beach and in another occasion 3 Brazilians were setting a skyhouse and furnishing it with kitchen, living room and all. When I kindly explained that they didn't owned the land so they had to leave, they answered that the house was in the sky and the sky belongs to everyone and even insulted me... Don't you just love the ban button? *winks

dandellion Kimban

I never closed my home. Ban lines are ugly, and it is good when somebody is using the space. Actually, I find that place more as a bar I keep going for my, and my friends' pleasure than a home.

CyFishy Traveler

You don't have to put up banlines--you can just set the land so only you (or members of a given Group) can build on it.

My land is currently set to a Group that consists of myself, my business partner, Miles Montgolfier, and a few other trusted avies. I haven't had any problems, except maybe when Miles decided to leave a large sculptie horse in my living room for me to find . . .

I also have scripts switched off except for Group members, which once thwarted someone from giving me a hug there, but I simply gave him one back.

I can't imagine why anybody would simply leave their land settings open to any random passerby. Even sandboxes have some kind of autoreturn set.

Arcadian Vanalten

Heck, I set up free amusements for visitors to my parcel. We made a great little beach, if I do say so myself, and I have no problem at all w/ folks wanting to stop by and check it out. I've always tended toward making the ground level more of a semi-public park area w/ a skyhome floated above as my private residence (inasumch as that's really necessary in a world w/ eternal perfect weather). And even on the skyhome, I don't do security orbs--why would you? Not like anyone can actually swipe valuables. So they snoop around a bit; big deal. If someone checks out my skyhouse, I doubt it'll cause me any harm if someone *gasp* sits on our couch or dances on our slowdance balls.

Crap Mariner

I left a cheeseburger and a sleeping cat in Nika & Keeme's Crime House on nowhereville for the ICHC prank. Keeme, in return, left a gigantic beer can in my venue and filled the gears with starfish.

I suppose I should threaten to change the island to olive loaf... AGAIN!

Laetizia Coronet

Ban lines I have run into - and I am an enthusiastic helicopter pilot - are always (there is NO exception to this!) protecting empty land. Ditto the security orbs which tell me I should respect the privacy of someone's empty house, some 50m below me, in which I have no interest at all.
I fail to see the use of ban lines when there's noone to disturb. Just switch off building, that's quite enough.

Vlad Bjornson

I've never set up ban lines or locked out the general public from my parcels. Occasionally I will turn on auto return, but usually only if I am hosting an art show or other event.

Never really have any trouble with litter, either. Occasionally I will find a stray vehicle or freebie item left behind, but it is easily returned with the land options. Only once in 2 1/2 years have I had trouble with a griefer and that was just as easily dealt with as a stray hoverboard.

Actually, I've found that it can be hard to convince people that it'ss OK to rez stuff on my land - like rezzing their own chair at an event. People seem reluctant to rez things on property that is not theirs. A shame really. The ability to spontaneously create objects is one of the things that makes SL unique.

cyn vandeverre

I have a long autoreturn set, because before I set it, someone left prims which made farting noises around, and various tracking orbs and things.

But if someone wants to come and do some minor building on my land, that's fine with me, as long as they are considerate.


I used to have quite a lot of land before I sold it. Not only did I leave it open, but I left it build-enabled for anyone too. Absolutely nothing bad ever happen - ever.

dandellion Kimban

CyFishy..... I keep my land open Auto-ret is on two hours or something like that, scripts open, push and even damage too. And I never had any problems. It's a nice neighbourhood, so there is no reason to be restrictive.

Gahum Riptide

I did set up a security orb, but only after moving the house up over 600 meters above ground level. I figured there was little interesting to see at that height, and only the curious would really be looking around up there. Most of it was due to several people using my house as a place to park their AVs and disappearing once I approached without a hello.

Anyone who wants to visit my parcel can hang out in the garden at ground level, which I think is far more interesting than the house. It's also a lot prettier there.

I've rarely set up any sort of ban lines because I hate how it impedes low level flying. It also looks incredibly ugly when you run into them. The most I've done is temporarily prevented public access, but mostly to build in peace.

My two neighbors have ban lines. One has the no entry unless a part of the group, and the other (who owns most of the sim) put up "pay for entry" ban lines. I really dislike it, but there's not much I can do, and it *is* their land.

Franklin Lubitsch

I leave my property open, with a long autoreturn, so that my friends have a place to hang if they need something private; there's even a secluded cabin with chairs that they can use. My RL sister, who teaches SL photography, also has used the land, and she rezzes seats and anything else she needs.

I haven't had a problem, and it's nice to see visitors. I never was much of a recluse, in RL or SL.

eggy lippmann

Why would I ever lock my land? I have no secrets. If i built something, it is because it needed building. I do it for myself, but simultaneouly for the good of the whole, on the assumption that I am not a rarity.

Eleanor B

Where my partner and I live now has very low traffic and we have friends who live on the sim too, so we don't use the lock out thing. I enabled lock out a while back when I was a noob at my first skybox. One day, as I was getting ready to change outfits, a girl just dropped out of the sky. I was shocked, as I didn't know this could happen. I asked her if I could help her, and she said "no that's ok, nice place you have here", and proceeded to hop in the hot tub and relax. I had no idea what to do and stood there speechless. After a minute or two, she said "well, see ya" and poofed. I turned on the ban feature until I moved, lmao

Alexandra Rucker

I never bothered with 'global red tape', choosing instead to ban specific troublemakers and griefers.

I do set autoreturn, just to keep the prim litter down (my parcel used to be part of a sex club, long time ago), but otherwise don't give a flying hoot what people do in the parcel. :)

Laetizia Coronet

About prim litter - don't use ban lines if you want to avoid it. My heli's been stuck in someone's parcel quite a lot, with me being ejected out of it. The engine sound of my OH-6 then keeps running, so you'll get not only the prims but also the noise.
I try to clean up after being ejected but if it crashes my SL I usually won't know whereabouts I was.

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