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Monday, August 04, 2008


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Cocoanut Koala

M, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that LL has taken over a tab of the Search interface in order to provide free promotion and advertising to for-profit resident businesses of LL's own choosing, to the detriment of other competing businesses (and with the effect of undermining the Classifieds tab).

During meetings LL held about this, many of us argued that for-profit entities - such as hair and fashion stores - should not be included on the Showcase tab. If the goal is to spotlight places of interest, those places should be limited to non-profit venues, for obvious reasons.

We were blown off.

It is hardly a fair marketplace, when the Powers That Be choose who is going to get the lion's share of the business. When LL quite literally funnels residents to some businesses over others. When LL tells people right there on the interface where they "should" spend their money.

In fact, it's not a marketplace at all. It's a rigged game, where LL chooses the winners.

Rather as if the U.S. government put "Go to McDonald's!" on every passport, or included pitches for Macy's at the top of every tax return.

A windfall for Macy's, maybe, but not so good for the other stores. Please reconsider this Spotlight situation.


Isadora Fiddlesticks

I also agree that Showcase should be fair and thus be limited to places. LL should think it best for their company and the technology they are touting if they sell the experience, because business and entrepreneurship will be able to take care of themselves. Unless it's sex-related, it's really hard to market experience-oriented sims and make people go there. We have seen so many beautiful builds, only to find them deserted.

Please allow them to shine by supporting their efforts. It would be a shame if only an elite few would enjoy those beautiful sims.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

one more thing:

if Showcase can be used as a tool to motivate residents to build quality sims, so be it. It's a two-pronged benefit; it will actually enhance one's experience and perception of SL and at the same time reward the efforts of those builders who makes SL so beautiful.

If LL can't reduce tiers, at least LL should make sim owners feel good for the expense...:)

Marianne McCann

Yikes. I'm getting the sense that M doesn't actually use the product much, but relies on people to "show him cool videos."

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