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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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well, it's not roleplaying - but i MUST recommend techwar at my arena in Q. i just LOVE that game.


we offer a continual stream of free $L prizes (for those who can win) and long-term stat tracking (with a history of every game you've played, against whom, and their rank.)

Crap Mariner



she should check out the quests at the locopoco island! they require a bit of puzzle solving and stuff.. and you win prizes that fit on the locopoco avatars hehe

Doc Boffin

Combat Cards!

Vidal Tripsa

These suggestions already sound pretty fun. Thank you, folks! Thank you Hamlet too, for giving me an excuse now to spend even more of my time playing.

Crap, I have no idea what Skeeball is. See me afterwards. ;D

Meara D

Tiny Empires - I think there are people that are still not clear on what this game is. It's actually banned in Avilion because they think it is a pyramid scheme.

Tringo - Some good, clear instruction on how the heck to play this would be nice.

Primtionary - Like Pictionary, only with Prims!

Avilion has several mini-quests available to Avilion Order group members. (If you aren't a member of the Order I can help in getting you more information on these mini-quests.)

CronoCloud Creeggan

En Garde! of course. :-) Just ask about it in the Independent State of Caledon or RCAF group chat.


Nimbus Rau

If she likes puzzle-solving, she might get a kick out of the Avarian Expedition game that's a recent offering from the folk at Grendel's Children. Basically, you purchase (for the princely sum of around L$30 or so) an Explorer Kit from the Grendel's Children store which gives you huds and tools and instructions for finding various raw materials (such as sticks, bundles of grass, cactus bulbs, stones and so forth) around the Avarian sims. Take the raw materials to the trading post/workshop spot and combine them in various ways to make all sorts of stuff. Combine those things in various ways to make more complicated stuff. Trade stuff with other players or with trader npcs to get other stuff. Wind up with nifty nifty items... but most of the fun is working out how many of what you need to combine in what way to get a one of those, and what to do with it when you've got it.... It's sort of part treasure-hunt and part wilderness survival rpg (well, kinda). Last I heard, some players were trying to figure out what the secret runes are that they need to activate the golem they're building....

Dale Innis

Woot, omg, Vidal! Great choice, Ham.

How about good old (what's the name of that place?) Numbakulla, an' the The Pot Healer Adventure? (An' it comes with clothes for Vidal to dress up in! :) )

Harper Beresford

Two for you, Vidal (and a great addition to NWN):

The hunt for Mata Hari hunt for Random Calliope's stuff (is that still out there?)

And what is with this vampires biting me all the time? I overheard a conversation on one of the Help Islands about "if you get my soul eternally, I get two souls" and whatnot. It was unnerving. Figure out what that's about, Vidal, because I am tired of being approached for a bite.

Seven Shikami

Vidal, buzz me in SL tonight. I can get you some Skeeball action. :)

I'm a firm believer in games in SL; I run an arcade of original, retro-style creations (Insert Coin Arcade) and manage a fishing game (7Seas Fishing). Games give SL some clearly defined purpose-based activity, which is good for pulling in new users and giving old users something fun to do.

Arcadian Vanalten

The vampire biting thing with the soul reaping fixation is a game called Bloodlines. My knowledge of it is somewhat limited, as being reduced to a smoldering pile of ash is a serious downer when you're having a day at the beach.
One of the clubs I work has a thriving BL group, though.
From what I gather, the kit can be bought in-world, but I think you also have to register at the website http://www.slbloodlines.com/index.php, which at the very least will have better info than I have :D.
And that site may not post as a link; if it doesn't, just copy & paste in your browser's address window.

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