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Friday, August 01, 2008


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Gahum Riptide

I'd seen that beanstalk a few months ago. That entire area is really interesting and full of mysterious builds.

Bettina Tizzy

I love seeing SL through HeadBurro's eyes!

Sabine Stonebender is determined to create a new Zero Point (or something which will surely dazzle us). The loss of that creation has had other, more serious consequences... namely the absence of Sabine's store, a key source of RL income for her. She has set up a temporary store, so your readers can make a difference by stopping by there

Everyone, link your creations and save them in inventory!!

eggy lippmann

Don't let stuff be forgotten :)

HeadBurro Antfarm

Thanks for the link, Wagner - I knew about Steller being numero uno, but had no idea that the jumping game was the first of its type in-world. This is, as I ssee it, the very reason I started my road trip in the first place - to find these places and record them ao as to help others understand how the older residents worked hard to shape the world many of us take so much for granted.

Is Steller still active in-world? I guess I should IM her :)

Hi Gahum - there is just so much around there I really feel swamped at times. I almost wish I could clone myself to explore more and more sims :-D

Cheers Bett, but you do more good for SL's creative heart in one week than I manage in a whole month :)

Thanks Eggy - I have that link and go there a lot - I don't think the beanstalk is mentioned, though :(

Hamlet Au

Cool, AB-- yeah, Steller's very much around, do IM her, she's sweet.

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