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Monday, August 25, 2008


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Gary Hayes

Got my vote along with Reuben Steiger and a couple of others...I copy what I said on the proposal...

She has single handedly brought sublime art and it's culture to center stage in Second Life. But as well as talking about the aesthetics of new generation metaversal art she should also talk about how she has managed, via NPIRL, to be a focus and activator for the many thousands who look beyond the business, gaming or lifestyle aspects to evolving Social Virtual Worlds. Big cheers for Bettina!


Thanks for posting this. Just voted for Bettina.

Paisley Beebe

If you don't know what Bettina Tizzy does, watch her on This weeks Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe! www.slcn.tv she was a fantastic guest! and certainly looked the part on camera!

Ann Otoole

Lone Star Beers?
Ironclad stomachs earn respect.

Ann Otoole

What the devil is this platrium garbage being thrust upon me in the google stupidsense on the right side of this screen? Are millennium generation people really that utterly stupid to fall for that and thus some kids get millions of VC capital for a boneheaded idea that will probably work?

I knew it! Wrong business choice! I need to get into the deluding VC angel dorks biz!

Hamlet Au

Huh, what you seeing, Ann?

I like Lone Stars when I'm in Austin, though I think you need to have them with Texas BBQ to drink well.

Ann Otoole

Ah it was this annoying imvu/zwinky style ad on the right side for something called platrium that was persistent. I thought maybe it was a new virtual world. Instead it was spamware that logs your keystrokes for selling to google or some such thing. They have a dissertation on how they tell customers up front what they are doing so it smells of a rather obvious scam.

Imagine what would happen if the Lab took out a google ad sense campaign to stick a sexy avatar on every IMVU, Zwinky, Habbo, WoW, etc related website. You think the concurrency problems of the other day were bad? rofl. The barbarians would be breaking down the gate.

Anyway I hope Bettina makes it.

Bettina Tizzy

Hamlet! I'll see your Stubb's ribs and Lone Stars and raise you one Guero's (for the BEST tacos al pastor this side of the Rio Grande) and a couple of Shiner Bocks.

Thanks a BUNCH to all who took the time to vote and write in. There are many good panels to choose from and I wish all of you could experience SXSW. I am willing to go on record and say that it is the most verticle fun anyone could possibly have in non-pixelated form.

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