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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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Rick Deckard

"I'm sometimes prone to hyperbole"

that would be 90% of the times, and this is one of those times. From where exactly do you get that this is a tool to translate "existing 3DSM files into the metaverse"? Both Shack Dougall, who has labored for a long time on this, and Dusan Writer note that this a tool for creating regular or sculpty PRIMS and importing them in-world.

Hamlet Au

Blade Runner, Dusan's post has Douglas suggesting that importing existing 3Ds files is a coming feature in Prim Composer, but I'll double-check with him.

Hamlet Au

Whoops, my bad, see update above.

Albert Revolution

Iive been using Prim Composer since the first version, and like other lot of builders, I was expecting for this final one, and, yes ¡It's Great!.
At the same time, I am using it ine projecto por OpenLife and realXtend for an other project.

realXten perhaps it's a little complex to install for who are not familiar with OpenSim, and MySQL, but really it's going to be the reference in the future.
I've benn publishing tutorials (in spanish only, I am sorry), about realXtend (http://exploradorvirtual.blogspot.com/2008/08/creando-objetos-en-sketchup-e.html) to apprach this new platform to the users.

Shack Dougall

@Albert-- I know both OpenSim and MySQL well, but it still was not obvious to me how to install the ReX server or even if it worked with MySQL. Do you recommend using 0.3 or trunk?

There are many new configuration options in ReX and it is based on a much older version of OpenSim. I got confused and gave up.

Someone recently asked the question "How to setup the server version 0.3 to work with MySql?" on rexdeveloper.org and there was no helpful response. Also, recently someone asked "When MySql will be FULLY implemented [in ReX]?". Someone else said that ReX only worked with SQL Server. The combination of these led me to believe that MySQL doesn't work with ReX.

If it *does* work with MySQL, I will try again.

Aliasi Stonebender

On the one hand, I think additional tools of this kind are great. On the other... I really hate the 'let's just dump the stuff we ALREADY have into SL' attitude. One of the upsides to learning how to prim things is YOU LEARN TO MAKE THINGS THAT WORK WELL IN SECOND LIFE, in the visual and technical sense, rather than relying on high-prim meshes for absolutely everything (and slowing a system down to a crawl accordingly).

Still, nothing but love. 3DS is standard stuff, if expensive.

Osiris Indigo

There is a totally new server coming in the next few weeks, based on a new version of RealXtend (beyond 0.3).

OpenLifeGrid, in partnership with RealXtend, 3DX and Ludocraft has announced and will be hosting a BETA grid for the next version of 3DXServer in the next few days.

The new 3DXserver and grid will use a new hybrid viewer compliments of KirstenLee and RealXtend to take the user experience well beyond the SecondLife / OpenSim model. It is employing rendering via the OGRE rendering system that has many inherent features rarely seen in virtual worlds.


The new server will feature a totally new avatar system based on a morphable skeletal system, mesh skins and Inverse Kinemetics, allowing for an unprecedented degree of realism. The new avatar system features unlimited layers and over 200 attachment points per avatar.


Users will now have the ability to import and use mesh files created in anything from 3D Studio, Blender, Milkshape, Wings, Sketchup, Maya and any other modelling program capable of exporting the OGRE mesh format.


The new server employs Python-based server scripting that promises to unleash a plethora of new scripted capabilities to the grid. From scripted participation games to evolving gameplay (ala RPGs and MMORPGS), truly, anything that can be imagined - can be scripted.

If you are doing a round-up of the different grids and their capabilities, please don't miss this one!

Jani Pirkola

If you didn't already read this, please do - this is good news for realXtend and opensim alike.
If porting of features goes smoothly, we will see official realxtend release that works with opensim already by the end of 2008 or latest during January 2009.
What this really means is that all the developments of Opensim become immediately available for realXtend, and tedious merging work we have been doing too many times, ends.

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