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Monday, September 08, 2008


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Rez Gray

If they'll just get IM and Voice out the door, they'll be doing more than enough.

Of course, later they could tack on... I'm channeling the dozens of request threads sure to pop up... Inventory control. Money transfers. Low-fi SL viewer, self-contained object editor, animator tool, remote land manager, region rebooter, permissions exploiter, orbiter, ponies, furries, hippies..... and eventually pie.

Actually. Just skip to Pie. Uncle Vivox's Old-Fashioned Pie.

Damnit, I need to get my psyche-tuner fixed.

Barefoot Ballinger

I for one will welcome this. I currently use Skype, MSN and Gtalk to communicate vocally to SL friends... when running the SL client or not.

Which brings up a great point, it has to be more stable than the current voice system.... a very frustrating means of communicating at times.

Get the basics running, add the frills later. Fantastic potential!


Too little, too late, not an open standard, nobody wants to run a separate application, should just be a standard Jabber thing so we can use it from gmail/gtalk/trillian/pidgin/whatever.

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

I second the Jabber/Open Standards comment. I'm guessing the Linux client will be farrrrrrrrrr behind.

Sean McDunnough

You say: "a significant drawback for people who want to use it on third party PCs in Internet cafes, etc. that disallow downloads."

I wonder if it runs on a USB stick, like the SL client can (or used to last time I checked).

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

SLim has real potential, but I cannot resist one ha-ha moment:

"it'll enable you to call into the world as a disembodied voice."

PAY NO ATTENTION TO the man behind the curtain!

I have visions of my voice echoing over our university island...more Zardoz and Oz.

Pavig Lok

Good move...
Where's jabber? :P

Nexii Malthus

I was actually contemplating the available skype extension to bridge the gap of the SL client and Skype client to create a secondary friends list from your own Skype account.

Dedric Mauriac

Let's see a Java or flash version that runs in the web browser. Internet Cafe compatibility solved!

Carter Liveoak

Based on a conversation I had with a Vivox person in the booth at VWExpo, there is no plan for a Linux release of the SLim client. :(

Serendipity Seraph

No plan for a linux release? Closed source BS? Forget about it. In is bad enough that there is almost no ongoing love to linux SL clients.

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