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Monday, September 29, 2008


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BJ Tabor

That kind of implies the Lidens have smoothed out that one hour drop out.

Christophe Hugo

The picture of Mark Kingdon you posted probably dates back from the 20th Century.

Eating in plush San Francisco restaurants on a daily basis makes you gain weight more quickly than one can say "Second Life".

Jago Constantine

71,768 right now

Jago Constantine

73,196 now

Hamlet Au

Thanks Jago! Can you watch for when the concurrency peaks?

Jago Constantine

Sorry ... RL called :P

Jago Constantine

By the way ... since I installed the latest version of SL, I keep getting a bug where peoples *hair* vanishes when I cam around them from certain angles ... have you heard anything about that?

Hamlet Au

Heh, no idea. Thanks for keeping an eye on concurrency awhile!

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