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Friday, September 19, 2008


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I wish I had read this. I really don't like my SL name "Rik Riel."

Dedric Mauriac

Rather than add a guide while picking a name, I would suggest implementing a check after the name has been entered. If the name doesn't appear to be ... pleasant (has numbers, no vowels, etc.), then show a confirmation page with suggested names that are similar but not taken, a short summary of recommendation, as well as a link to a guide to find an adequate name. However, the end-user will still have the option to stick with what they wanted and click "confirm".

Alexander Basiat

I honestly think you should be able to change your name, with a permanent notation in your profile as to what it was. There are many Avatars who, like Dandellion, have misspelled their names. There are also several whose names no longer suit them.

I would think that our ID hash could remain constant, while a name could change. How hard is that?


As a victim of this phenomenon, I agree with all of the above. Good instructions and warnings, automatic suggestions and the ability to change even if you somehow miss all that. They would be wonderful improvements.

Meanwhile, I have to get back to figuring out how to pronounce the possessive form of my name... sigh.

Alberik Rotaru

I doubt that genericname1984 or gnrcnm1984 are trying to pollute the sacred stream of naming in Second Life with their numbers and disemvowelments. Rather they do not know what names work and what do not. A guide may help, if the potential kakonymist has time to read it beforehand.

The cure to kakonymy is letting us change name once we know enough to realise if a name needs changing. There can be a fee. There can be a 'formerly known as' in the profile. There can be a limit of how often you do it.

While we're at it, is there any real reason to restrict the set of surnames? And what about a way for us to propose surnames to LL, with maybe a bounty or prize of good ones? Maybe if you choose 'gnricnm1984' you get no choice but 'Kakonym' as your surname)

dandellion Kimban

Hamlet, thanks for pushing this up. And thanks for the compliment :)

Alexander, I haven't misspelled my name. Both lower-case d and double l are intentional.

Tammy Nowotny

I believe it is technically possible to change an avi's name. The Lindens just don't do it very often because there are so many external databases of avi names which would be thrown off if it happened frequently--- and because griefers would abuse the privilege--- and because the Lindens make more money if you create an alt (especially a paying alt.)

Our host Hamlet Au may be able to shed some light on this from personal experience :-)

BTW, I think we are seeing more "fugly" names with numbers in them and the like... and I think this has something to do with the new Linden Lab birthing process which makes you pick a name first and then a surname. My guess is that folks put in the first name they really want (perhaps their real first name), are told they can't have it, so they add numbers (perhaps from their AOL handle or whatever) and try again. The old birthing process, as well as some of the current alternative birthing processes, let you pick a last name first and then add a first name which matches (which, LOL, is how most people's real life names are chosen.)

dandellion Kimban

I really cannot rely on my memory, but I think that I registered both names side by side... which was nice and left me 15 minutes to try out combinations:)


There are times I'd love the opportunity to rename my avatar. You see, when I joined SL I didn't know about the fashion stuff, I joined to take part in a geeky vodcast related chat. So I used my standard "male" username as my first name. And then I saw a pretty avatar, and immediately thought "Want pretty!" and it was all downhill from there. If I had known about the fashion beforehand I would have chosen a more fashionable name like: Macquillage Hussy/Trollop/Harridan or simply used a variant of my "other" nick, so I would have been Veronica Lastname.

But now everyone and their prim baby knows me as CronoCloud Creeggan and I can't really change it.

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