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Saturday, September 27, 2008


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Doubledown Tandino

Hiya W.J.A

I was trying to figure out a way to cover the haps at Burning Life for some sort of roundup for my blog. I've already seen and heard some fascinating stuff.

Instead, I'd love to use a few of your blog comments here to post some of my discoveries.

Doubledown Tandino, on the Burning Life scene :O)

Late night September 27th, early 28th, I got to catch live performer Midknight jammin.

Doubledown Tandino

Art & Sound Installation by Dizzy Banjo:

Photo: http://s4.tinypic.com/2ziy62o.jpg
The pic doesn't do his ingenious work justice. Dizzy creates immersive sound and visual experiences. Go check it out

Ragdoll Pinkdot

From my travels today. Huge floating cute boxy robot thing in the midst of some color candy rain. From Mikati Slade I think.


Silvy Noel

I have found this useful guide here on Koinup:

Almost all burning life sims are well featured.....

Mr Oh

Serene and minimalist, the model of the Vietnamese village of Ha Long Bay gets my vote. Burning Life (Meta) (43, 181, 24) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life%20(Meta)/36/160/0

Poid Mahovlich

My personal fav is by blotto Epsilon & Cutea Benelli - situated in Burning Life Data

This build actually grows in modules then falls apart - never is the build the same - always changing. eyestem on leg & floaty:ozlotis inter act with the avatars - it is truely amazing and very addictive ...


Gumby Roffo

There are a awful lot of impressive builds this year, Overall I would say the quality has improved. But for my favorite build, IMO is the one on Bios Art-10.
This piece has so much detail hidden in nooks and crannies that I have so far spent an hour there when not working. The Poems are touching and as you search for clues the story unfolds.
Very touching and left me a little bleary eyed.

Corcosman Voom

I'll second Poid's comment about the build by blotto Epsilon & Cutea Benelli. It's fascinating to watch it fly apart and then re-build itself.

It's close to Jenne Dibou's and Mandy Marseille's build, which is also terrific.

There are lots of great builds on the playa.

dandellion Kimban

It's a really good Burning Life this year.

I love American Dreamer, too.

Both Dizzy Banjo's installations are great. I preffered Urban Spectre. Pertly because of possibility of shared experience (it's great to float in the air up there with somebody) and because of the nice intro. Climbing to the top of the building on those platforms gets you into mood and atmosphere.

Pay attention to installation of AM Radio (I forgot to pick a LM, if somebody has it, please share). Small but really convincing and immersive surreal booth. Not to mention that high-prim gifts are terrific :)

There is more, I'll post later. It seems that thins Burning Life could be stretched one week more. There is so much to be seen. And many exhibitions take time.


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Abella Carter

Hi, I came across this site by chance and wanted to know if blender game animations can be shared here ... thanks


Old and memorable post about Burning Life.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life%20(Reality)/20/11/24 was a nice location.

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