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Monday, September 29, 2008


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Yesterday Demain

Cheers Hamlet...

Just a quick reminder for all of your readers interested in alternative viewers...

We'll be hosting a discussion about Lightweight / Alternative clients on Orange Island tomorrow at 12:00 PM SLT, featuring Jacek Antonelli (Imprudence viewer), Zaki (from 3Di) and Reta Shan (winner of the UI contest run by Dusan Writer).

This discussion, moderated by Dusan Writer, is one of the many events of Orange Island's Innovation Week, which kicks off today.

For a detailed schedule, head over to http://www.orange-island.com/?p=901

Hope to see you there :))

Osiris Indigo

Maybe you should invite Kirstenlee Cinquetti also, since she builds viewer for 3 different platforms?

CronoCloud Creeggan

It probably uses PS3 technology in the manner of running on a Cell based server of some kind, perhaps even a PS3 itself. IBM's got some kind of Cell based server that they're promoting for running MMORPG server software on. And you can buy HPC clusters from Terrasoft that consist of a bunch of PS3's with Yellow Dog Linux installed.

Yesterday Demain

@Osiris: Thanks for the suggestion, we'll get in touch with her :)


@CronoCloud Creeggan: The demo is not using PS3 hardware, it runs on a normal PC. "The graphics engine used also for PS3" only means that it is an already mature and proven software with very high rendering quality - and cross-platform support ;).

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