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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


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Pappy Enoch

WHEE HOO! Ol' Mistophur Zander dun made good!

When I sells enuf o' mah Perpetshual Motion Mersheens (100,000 Lindens buys yu a copy o' it) I'm a gonna git mee a rite fine:


Till, then, tu awl the purty gals (espheshully Miz Iris Ofeelya):

If'n yu wants tu find this-hear fashion plate fo' sum good lovin' (o' a copy o' the mersheen) I'll be a-hangin' out wif Orhalla an' the hobos.

Beeble Baxter

Looks like "hobo wisdom" is growing in SL!
But beware: if you meet Pappy wandering around Hobo City and he offers you a "drink 'o shine" that third sip will lay you out.

Aside from just plain fun, it seems that there may be some interesting theoretical insights conjured up by such rag-tag characters and places - especially in a digital environment. See my posting "Imperfection in Second Life" for more on the unlikely combo of hobo & theory

Pappy Enoch

Oh mah gawd..that-thar shine-drinkin' raccoon, Beeble, dun follered mee to NWN. Look out, Mistophur Au!

That rascal gots hisself a PhD (in progress) n' talks 'bout a-studyin' French fellers wif names like Jean Baudacious n' Michel Folkart n' Paul The Man. French wrasslers? Cood bee...plus sum Canadian feller name o' Marshall McLoosehand, too.

Wif a name like that I figgered he mite bee a wrassler o' a law-man, but no, he writ up sum'fin big 'bout TV that made him rite famus:

"The Medium am the Massage..." don't make no kind o' durn-fool sense tu me. Fast kump'ny, if'n yu axes me.

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