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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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Ravishal Bentham

Let the unbridled misogyny begin!


Where's that French caricaturist guy's version of Palin?

BJ Tabor

So what Victoria Lawless can see the Moscow sim from her sex bed. What is her qualification to be a virtual Sarah Palin; Were does she stand on prim baby deletion? The Torley Doctrine? Did she or did she not support the bridge to Shermanville?

Corcosman Voom

Where is poor old Joe Biden's avatar in all this? Buried at 768 meters below sea level on a void sim somewhere on the edge of the grid, maybe? Camping? Dancing?

BJ Tabor

Oh this just in; McCain avatar says SL Grid status as never been better!


BWAAAHAHAHAH indeed, Ravishal!

Let the Republicans' squealing & crying about mysogyny (which they've had exactly ZERO problem directing at Hillary these past 20 years) BEGIIINN!!

o wait it already has...

Christophe Hugo

Look-alikes are boring and by definition un-creative, as their only goal is to mimick.

Oh wait, perhaps the only goal of that SL resident was not to be creative, but to make beaucoup $$. In such a case bravo, "Victoria", you just got yourself some free advertising in New World Notes, congrats! No creativity but a real sense of business.

As you sadly censored your readers, Mr. Au, here's a pic for them:

PS: so what happened, Mr. Au, you didn't find my Palin when searching SL? Or perhaps one has to kiss your b** to get a visit from you? It is a sad day when a blog decides to "play it safe".

Balthasar Bookmite

Interesting, i never thought that Sarah Palin avs wold show up. While personally Im not a fan of Palin, I think it is interesting to see the differences in viewpoints where we do have the more realistic and then the more conceptual. As for the ethics of selling a Sarah Palin av, or in fact any politician or celebrities there are many questions, and i just begin to barely answer the questions, that i posed in my blog post.

Patch Lamington

Bridge to Shermerville... priceless



These Leftist women are really losing their minds. Rosanne wondered on Bill Maher's show whether McCain would take away women's right to vote. Even Maher's audience thought that was a nutso thing to think.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never elect a woman

who's a conservative
she's just a gender traitor

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
just HOPE to pay more taxes

DREAM about high fuel prices
CHANGE PROGRESS to move backwards

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says

OR a minority
if they are Right of center

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!



In response to Truthseeker

I feel your representation of me is a little skewed. I don't have any attentions of selling the shape at all, nor do many of my works ever earn a dime.

The avatar came from when I was wanting to make just an average avatar to mess around with one of my male pig (no he doesn't wear lipstick) friends that enjoys big busted curvy shapes. While debating what would be average Palin just came to mind and I figured it would be fun and was.

Think what you want, but I had my fun with it and nothing more. And for the record, I didn't even know of this blog, it was Au that contacted me.

Love and Peace!



I'm thinkin you're barking up the wrong tree, Victoria.

I have no feelings one way or the other about your avatar, and strongly support your right to do whatever you want with it.

My comment was, in fact, a direct response to Ravishal's zingy one-liner: "Let the unbridled misogyny begin!"

It was a knee-jerk-Liberal moment on my part, and was entirely about my annoyance with the extremely hypocritical "AAAIIIIEEEEEE SEXISM!!!" tactic the Republicans are using in defense of their woefully-inadequate VP candidate. It's a ploy I find to be cynical beyond measure, with the 'bonus' effect of muddying any real discussion about issues of gender-inequality in our culture.

Now, in all fairness, the intent in Ravishal's comment is a bit unclear and thus, wide-open to interpretation. I fully accept the possibility that I'm projecting into it an 'enemy' that isn't there.

But still...


RE: "Look-alikes are boring and by definition un-creative, as their only goal is to mimick."

I happen to know one of the avis mentioned in the article ... just so happens that was her look before Palin ever hit the scene, so to speak. So your slam of those who happen to resemble Palin fails to recognize that these avatars were not being "un-creative" ... there is a coincidental resemblance.

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