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Monday, September 01, 2008


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Robustus Hax

That really is the biggest issue I think and will continue to be until they can fix it, the amount of avatars in a given area. A big social event gets cut off, or a concert unseen. Even when an area is full, its almost a terrible experience with lag and such. It was a big reason I started up Metaverse TV, so I could broadcast events to a wider audience than was allowed in a sim. I was unable to get into the SL 4th Birthday opening keynote. The Lindens announced (to over 30,000 people online) to come to the sim to watch the keynote.

Kate Amdahl

"I'm somewhat surprised someone isn't already doing this."

I'm working on it...! But even more important than finding services, if you ask me, is finding *people*. For a place with tens of thousands of people in it at any given moment (when the grid is up), Second Life is no good for finding friends and activity partners, because you can only cram a pretty small number of people into any particular location, and then the best you can do to get to know them are to start looking at profiles and try to start conversations if they're not already swamped with IMs. Solution on the way! (Who wants to beta test?)

After people to do things with, next I'll tackle things to do, and I've been taking some preliminary steps already. :)

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Sophrosyne Stenvaag

It seems to me (3) would be nice, but (1) and (2) are critical to SL's continuing. The blight and anarchy of the mainland defines SL in the minds of a lot of people who might otherwise come here to live or to do business.

LL's model of refusing to manage their world, and refusing to provide Residents with real management tools, is not only bizarre, it's self-defeating.

In every other community in history, either the people who built it *ran* it, or some sort of system of management and justice emerged to fill the vacuum, or the real estate developers sold or rented to someone who *would* run it.

SL and earlier social digital worlds have been an interesting experiment in enforced anarchy. It's been important to try, but it seems to be time to move on to a wider array of social solutions.

Lum's really called it - is anybody listening?

Kate Amdahl

Well said, Soph!

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Nexus Burbclave

I would respectfully disagree with the idea that bumping up sim concurrency is an immediate need. While this is certainly a nice thing for putting on larger events, I can count on one hand the number of times that I've been unable to teleport to a full sim, while I've long ago lost count of how many times I've teleported into a sim to find that I am the lone dot on the map.

I would argue that better tools for promoting and finding places and events far outweigh the need for increased concurrency. There are (admittedly imperfect) technical workarounds for the concurrency issue that can be leveraged for large events, but there seem to be fewer tools for growing events into ones that need such workarounds.

Ann Otoole

They have a very long way to go to increase how many avatars can be effective in a sim and have a good experience given in the last year the number has dropped from 70 to about 10. So they have to go through the code and find out what is causing all the erratic timing in scripts with the latest mono version sim code and whatever else is slowing it down. Hair fair was a great example of how child agents can kill a sim.

And don't you think it would be wise to move to a real transaction manager system to end failed transactions and beef up sim capacity before worrying about making it easy for 5000 people to try to get into one sim that croaks with 50?

I would love to see SL handle 250,000 online and the Lab then be able to do some google ad sense campaigns.

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