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Friday, October 31, 2008


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Efemera Bisiani

No idea if any relevance, but isn't Ms Berry UK-based? Perhaps is a different "standard" to costs - I know the US is sure cheaper than us for a LOT of things.

Hamlet Au

Maybe, but Paul Preece, creator of DTD, is also a UKer...


Yes, but you also have to think about the difference between DTD and AjaxLife.

DTD is a flash app, so the server basically just needs to serve up the flash app to the client and nothing more.

AjaxLife, on the other hand, acts as a proxy between the client and SL, so the server has to run multiple SL sessions and so is probably far more resource hungry.

Katharine Berry

That is the main issue - the requirements of connecting to Second Life are vastly greater than those needed to serve files. Cheaper hosting is possible, but it's not going to be significantly cheaper, and the current approach has some advantages. (Also it works through massively disproportional quantities of bandwidth, given the relatively small number of users - blame SL for that. 90% of that is never passed to you browser)

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