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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Nightbird Glineux

These photos could use a little work in Photoshop to brighten them up.

But I do like the Land Rover Defender that I bought thanks to your earlier post. :)

William Harper Littlejohn

I'll be superamalgamated, man! Said aerial vehicle is a Fokker D-8, not a turboprop, or my name is Clark Savage Junior!

Hitomi Mokusei

No, not a Fokker D-8. AM Radio has said that his plane was based on a 1912 Blackburn Monoplane.

AM Radio

The plane is based very loosely on the Blackburn. It indeed has Fokker elements, such as the windscreen, gauges and seat. The engine is based loosely off a six cylinder prototype of a dual three piston setup from Curtiss in the 1930s. So it's a mash of different symbols of early aircraft development. Hopefully it sums up to fun.

I started the plane way back in 2007 because I was interested in the color and texture of the wing fabric shown in photos of the 1912 Blackburn. I ended up finishing up a plane that felt right rather than an accurate recreation of the 1912 Blackburn. It's fun to finally see it flying.

Thanks for the write up Hamlet!

If anyone has questions about the charity work I do in SL, please IM me in world anytime.


This is a really neat fundraiser idea for a great cause! Thanks for doing this, AM Radio!

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