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Monday, October 27, 2008


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Doubledown Tandino

Well, I guess I can chime in here. I was formally a real life entertainment agency. I owned a entertainment company and contracted and subcontracted for events, parties, etc.
I had to get out of it.... ....I was good at it, but simply not my thing. I prefer more to be the producer of the event, the performer, or the promoter. Being in the agency, booking, talent management field was a strain on my wellbeing and my soul.

So, personally, I have the experience to open and run a RL/SL agency, but simply just don't want to take that leap and head in that direction.

However, I'd love to connect with whomever DOES decide to jump into this concept full force.

PS... I already wrote out many RL & SL agreements and contracts, and am happy to give out the templates.

Ann Otoole

Given LL's hookup with RRR and the now obvious use of moles as corporate content creators for $10 an hour instead of finishing the roads and such on the mainland the direction LL is moving in is that of driving resident content creation out the door. So no I don't think there is any urgent need for the soon to be historical artifact that was artistic creativity in the metaverse. It will soon be all right angles and bland politically correct baptist church meeting style stuff.

evonne ~inKenzo~

This is happening a bit with Virtual Job Candy, Brian Regan has been working to connect virtual creatives with jobs but he's working more on the traditional headhunter search model rather than as an agency repping talent.

I know a ton of artists and love connecting talent and projects but have not taken a percentage to do it...at times I have taken a flat consulting rate to dole out a job in SL and find the right talent but I've found it's easier to take a flat rate up front than a percentage at the end.


Might be worth looking at Hotel Dare in world, it's a non profit and gives support to artists / designers including build space on virtual platforms. I am a volunteer on it in terms of creating infrastructure and oversight.

Ash Marat

Forget "talent agencies". Consider the agency a talented person has by working, as contractor or employee, for a company who itself has some expertise in the subject area, has a vested interest--beyond the cash flow--in the outcome for both the client and the talented one, and can advise strategically instead of pimping. I have yet to see such a company appear (above mentioned, et al.) that isn't acting in some conventional, predictable way and isn't more than an anachronistic ad firm in a cheap (Add To Outfit) suit looking at the world(s) through dot-com glasses.

It's hard to know how to distribute derision between these actors and the suckers they sell to, but I look forward to being inspired by the emergence of a firm that 'gets' SL, acts strategically on behalf of talent and clients, and pursues a progressive and innovative path in keeping with the spirit (not the evidence, God knows) of ideals SL represents.

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