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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Doubledown Tandino

Just getting down to basics... why would anyone try to sell an island that won't bring in every potential buyer? Republicans have the money... If i were me, I'd sell islands called McCain and Palin, because I'd much rather take Republican's money... especially for selling em land, and they bought it, just because it was named McCain.

Anyway...all in all... the SL Obama support is an intelligent. We've come together, rallied, debated, and partied. No one is gonna fall for buying land simply for their support for Obama. ... but hey, Obama is popular now.
After November 4th, I'm sure a Thanksgiving island will appear for sale. Following that we'll see Hannakah island.

Doubledown Tandino

Anyway...all in all... the SL Obama support is an intelligent....

we may be smart....we just can't type....

***Anyway... all in all... the SL Obama supporters are intelligent

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