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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Trinity Dechou

Points out that you reviewed one of the biggest and oldest translation companies in SecondLife recently. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/07/gained-in-trans.html

Paulo Frias

I understand your intention to have the NWN translated to the ten languages SL is supposed to be localized.

I don't understand why do you use the brazilian flag refering the portuguese version! Will you use the mexican flag to talk about the spanish version?

Just a suggestion: don't use flags...

BTW, the 'so called' portuguese version sucks: they localized SL like a 'mix-salad' with portuguese from Brazil and... english language (take a look, you'll be surprised)

Cayman Beaumont

Hi Hamlet,

I run Verballis Translation Services and we currently offer this service in 7 languages for selected stories for a SL virtual newspaper.

We are likely to be the largest translation service provider in SL, since July we have translated roughly 80,000 words into 14 languages. We are delighted to translate for some of the largest merchants and land owners in SL and that these customers also acknowledge the international dimension to SL. What is extremely pleasing is that these customers are constantly returning with more work. SL is international and will become increasingly so when SL introduce viewers in multiple languages.


Cayman Beaumont
Verballis Translation Services - Words Across Worlds

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