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Monday, October 20, 2008


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I heartily recommend the PlurkHUD. It's extremely useful as it sits on your window awaiting a touch whenever you feel the urge to Plurk. The most useful feature IMHO is "Splurk", where you can instantly plurk not only a message but also a SLURL. Great for Flash Mobs!

Opensource Obscure

FriendFeed users may want to give a try to the FFHUD.

With a click you can update your friendfeed.com page with name and description of your in-world location - SLURL included - and add a message by writing it in chat.

FFHUD can also be configured to send your messages to the Second Life FriendFeed Room:

Here's a typical web output of the FFHUD:

The script is here, use it freely - at your own risk - and please help me improving it!

Nika Dreamscape

I'm glad you were able to pick one up, Hamlet. It really is a great way to quickly inform residents about events or to share your location. Its much faster and more convenient than cut/pasting the slurl from map, then going to plurk and typing out a message and pasting the link there. You can do it all within your SL viewer, so its great.

Ganymedes Costagravas

*nods and agrees with @NikaDreamscape*

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