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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Vidal Tripsa

There certainly are many wondrous spots aboard Space Colony Necronom VI. It can be a very fine place to role-play too, so long as you navigate the more explicit sides to the ship to your own tastes. I'm definitely a fan of Miss Felix's look here! Much of the joy is in playing the space vixen aboard that station, and it looks like she does that marvellously. :)

Two Worlds

Yes, because if there's one adjective I would use to describe various bits of machinery and circuitry, it's "sensual". Something about all those unfeeling, mechanical robot parts really gets my 'spergin motors running, mmm....


What about the game in THE WASTELANDS? Its better than I AM LEGEND game he made. Theres tradeskills with secret recipies, and the HUD you use is for other games as well hosted on adjoining sims.

This is REALLY a short list.

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