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Friday, October 03, 2008


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Vlad Bjornson

Neat idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if this object was created with scultmaps stolen from the noobility piece you mention. His Sculpty noob was copybotted and widely distributed as a freebie.

From the Noobility article that you link to in the article:

"Unfortunately, what did get nicked was Art's prim-based noob. It was copybotted and free full-mod noobs became available - even via SL Exchange - all over the grid a few weeks ago. While Art filed a DMCA, he has not had a response from Linden Lab. "

Not accusing anyone - just saying that Art's noob is a perfect example of why it's hard to know when a piece of content is stolen. I was playing around with a version myself until I learned that is was lifted.

Meara D

That "noob" scuplture has been everywhere it seems. I had no idea it was ripped, so good to know. But I've seen it used in major stores, distributed as a group freebie, handed out full-perms. I have a full-perm one sitting in my inventory actually. Sad to think it's just more stolen content instead of something freely given for everyone to enjoy.

Vlad Bjornson

Yes. This is really a big piece of the stolen content puzzle. How to tell when something is stolen? SL is such a big chaotic place that it seems an impossible task to keep track of it all.

I guess in RL it's easier to tell if you are buying, say, a bootleg DVD. Copying something in RL generally means a degradation in quality, packaging, or some other easily identifiable factor. But in SL the copies can be perfect.

Pavig Lok

If this model contains megaprims (which it appears to from the scale in the shot) there may be some skill in adapting it from the freebie. So in the sellers defense this may not be a straight rip - then again it might. - just my two cents.

Nexii Malthus

Yeah, I was surprised to later find out myself that the noob sculpty was stolen.

Marianne McCann

@Pavig - that may be referring to Art's original: I recall when he was working on it one early morning, and created a giant version to go on walkabout in Ahern with.

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