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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


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Bau Ur

Way cool! Try all the perspective seats that are provided around the exhibit area to allow you to see the various symmetries. Sit long enough to see the patterns cycle. The separation of colors really elucidates the components of the structure. Great collaborative effort here between Wizard Gynoid and another exceptional SL artist, Glyph Graves .


The SL model looks a lot better than the one in the pic next too garrett. SL is such a cool medium for this sort of thing.

gilliad barbara

I thought this was a hoax?


Garrett Lisi: This surfer is no Einstein

E8 can be thought of as the symmetries of a huge snowflake living in 248-dimensional space. Lisi believed that inside this he could bind the symmetries of the quantum world and relativity.

Unfortunately, the consensus, after investigation, is that it is impossible to use E8 in the way Lisi was hoping and produce a consistent model that reflects reality. Lisi has been riding a wave - but it is time to knock him off his board and recognise that we are still waiting for the next Einstein to span the gap between the symmetries of the very small and the very big.

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