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Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Crap Mariner

The lack of Prokofy in this poll is causing me to want to yell THE FIX IS IN.

Nika Dreamscape

Hamlet, I'm not seeing pictures for 6 people on the list.

Nika Dreamscape

I just read you didn't get all the headshots yet. Perhaps you could get those, and then repost the complete poll. I'll be saving my vote until then.

Hamlet Au

Nika, I asked the nominees for headshots twice, and for whatever reason, the remainder didn't send them. You might want to Search them in SL.


Haha. The others must be camera shy ... Or don't wanna play. :-P

And I'm flabberghasted someone I nominated is up for consideration. Totally going ala-flustered soccermama here. It's like, "He's a winner just for being nominated!" ^___^

O.o I know, I know. I need help.


Yay, Baron Grayson!!! I hope he wins :)

Pappy Enoch

Mistophur Au, I gots mee at leest 6 mo' han'sum fotygrafs o' mah head tu fill up them empty spots...

Jezz (Enoch) Dastardly

Six of 'em missin? Oh mah gawd, that worf'less pole-cat brother o' mine dun sum'fin tu stack the deck in his favur...

Hamlet, hunny-bunny, I dun seen Pappy a-sneakin' round wif a brace o' pit-bull dawgs, his shotgun, an' sum bailin' wire n' duck-tape. I sho' hopes nuffin' bad happened to them han'sum fellers...

I bet he dun kiddy-napped 'em!

James Schwarz

I think I didn't get the memo lol but It's fine I went AFK and got logged out the other night probably how I didnt get it so it's my bad haha.

Good luck to everyone!

Eoin Hotaling

I voted, but I'm hurt no-one thought to put ME forward as one of the hottest! :(

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