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Thursday, October 09, 2008


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Crap Mariner

Hrm... still no sign of Prokofy... ABSTAIN.

Alicia Chenaux


*runs around cheering*

Meara D

Yay! Vote for Bone! *cheers*

Natasha Burke

Bone for the win! <3

Lillie Guildenstern

Yay, Bone! Adorable, talented, funny, and modest. What's not to love?

Jon Baldwin

Who doesnt love a Boner?




Go Bone, go Bone, go Bone!

CronoCloud Creeggan

Hmm, Bone, JJ and Pappy.

Prokofy as a write in.


Casted my vote :-)


Oh, Bone M is hot.

Winter Jefferson

A vote for Lawless is a vote for ... ummm... not conforming? Seriously - he's Lawless. It's all in the name. You don't want to keep making The Man happy, do you?

Daila Holder

If only they could all be Bone Mosten...

Jezz (Enoch) Dastardly

This am wurse than the stocking markit crash (which am fine becuz I don't ware no stockings): Oh mah gawd that bandy-legged, good-for-nuffin-but-shootin' bruther o' mine, Pappy Enoch, dun weaseled his way intu the corn-test.

He is rite hot...if'n yu soaks him in Shine n' lights a match :D

Course if he du win sum munny, I kin shoot him n' take it...that am mah silver linin' in this-hear dark cloud o' gloom n' despair.


Ivy Andrews

Bone is hot... and charming!!! :) GO BONE!!!


*goes to vote Winter*



PAPPY! (For he am mah cuzzin an' booty runs in our famberly!)

Kim Broome

Pappy Enoch for sure :) Such a hunk in more was than one


khamudy <3333333

Noirran Marx

with enough tequila,they all look hot.

Pappy Enoch

I looks rite good wifout Tequila, Noirran. Try Shine instead...then I looks like a reg'lar hunk o' burnin' kuntry luv! Whee hoo!

Kin I practicify mah viktury speech tu give at Miz Iris Ofeelya's Hot-Feller Hoedown? Lemme see...

I wants tu thank awl mah admirers...mah smokin' hot bride-tu-bee, Miz Kim, n' mah sexy cuz, Cynthia, Miz "hot tu trot" Tenchi, an awl yu bashful n' unnamed wimmin fo makin' the HILLBILLY CHOICE. Which am tu say, the onliest kerrect wun tu make.

An' thank'ee, Jezz-bell, fo' agreein' not tu snuff yo' po' handsum, lonesum' n' heart-on-his sleeve (well, arm--ain't got no sleeve) brother until aftur the corn-test am ovur.

Miz Merlot

I don't think I've ever been at an event with JJ where there have been few enough people to have him rez in that properly :-P


Kham and Law :D

Princess Ivory

I noticed in the comments which accompanied the previous release (candidates 1-10), there was a great deal of discussion about the fact that some candidates were gay men in RL. Some people objected; others said it doesn't matter - that an attractive male avatar is an attractive male avatar, regardless of sexual orientation, availability, or race. Indeed, Iris herself weighed in on the discussion to stress that point, and to say that she based her choices on more than just physical attractiveness.

It appears that we are going to stretch the boundaries of comfort just a tad further more, yet. Some of the "male avatars" in the contest actually have female humans on the other side of the keyboard. Does it matter? To some, yes. To others, not at all.

I have learned that SL is very unlike RL in some very fundamental ways. It can be a bit shocking to a newcomer. We bring our RL expectations and comfort levels into SL with us. It has been an eye-opening education over the last 2 years for me, and I must say that though I have always been a fairly tolerant person in RL, I have broadened my horizons considerably as a result of my Second Life.

So, may the best "man" win!

Sunshine Kukulcan

Vote for Kham or be prepared to cry.


If you could go there and at least cast one vote for Law, I'd love you forever. Law wouldn't normally post something like this on his blog, or use it for this purpose - so shhhh this is top secret. heehee.....

Rawly Rousselot

Are you insane? If you think those guys are what's hot in male avatars, you really need to step outside of your immediate circle and see what's really going on in the world of male fashion. The 2 or 3 nicest looking ones on there don't even have unique looks--if I see that Abyss skin one more time I'm gonna scream--and it's available at some freebie place now, btw, so save the money that the real Abyss skin costs.

HATED IT. Next....

Pappy Enoch

Now lookie heare, Rawly. Yu reckons mah canderduncy am sum sort o' joke on SL standurds o' beauty o' sum'fin??

Next thang yu knows, yu'd be acusin' sum smarty-pants collige perfussur o' makin' me up out o' stock parts, so tu speek, tu play tricks on folks hoo talks SL tu sirus-like.

I is shocked n' appalled n' morty-fied at that-thar sorgestshun. SL am sirus bizness!


Vote JJ, he's got that Colin Firth goddness going on.

Bartleby Kidd

Speaking of beauty standards, am I the only one who's noticed that ALL of these have light skin?



You guys have to to be kidding me. These are by far not the hottest or hot at all. Do a bit more research. These shapes are laughable at best.

Tschey Ballinger

i totally 2nd wat rawly said...

if these are the hottes sl men..(no offense ppl really)...then i dont know...
you cant use as a reason that u didnt only base on looks since u call it TOP TEN HOTTEST...n i mean i know tons of guys who r way hotter then those guys despite kirk, maddox, tur, azu etc.(yall rock), but i do socialize in those circles where i get to meet a lot of pretty female n male avi models!

plus some photos are again PS'ed n some are not...

i dont care bout this contest ya know, but u should make this shit fair or better leave it at all ..and your research is bad

no offense!

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