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Thursday, October 02, 2008


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Doubledown Tandino

WOOO IRIS!!!! You pickem girl!!
If ya need an on-the-scene DJ and straight-but-can-pick-out-a-cute-guy, lemme know :O) lol

Jezz (Enoch) Dastardly

Thank GAWD Miz Ofeelya dun come tu her senses n' disqually-fied that fat tom-catin' bruther o' mine, Pappy Enoch! NOW, howsodoever, these-hear 10 fellers am awl cuter'n bugs on a biskit!

City boys, too...whee hoo! Look out boys, I are a-comin' aftur awl o' yu fo' sum kuntry-lovin'

Charlotte Bartlett

Vote casted..... :)

Emerald Wynn

I need to date a few of them before I can make an informed decision, Iris.

Korayama Savard

Wow, about half of those guys have prefab shapes.

Creative, and sexy!

Korayama Savard

With them having premade shapes, isnt it really a judging of who makes the best shape?


Why, when the SL community show such amazing and diverse creativity when we're building stuff, do we throw all that out the window when it comes to designing avatars?

You really couldn't find a non-caucasian avatar for example? There should be a button for 'None of the Above, Try Harder!'.

Lerazwar Kuncoro

Why i'm not there?


Wow, about half of those guy are gay. very interesting for ladies audience zzzzz

Raul Crimson

Yes, Jade, i'm gay... if you don't like it build a bridge and go over it.

Prad Prathivi

And for the record, I'm not "caucasian", ktnxbai.

Raul Crimson

Domch Raymaker and Arj Friedkin have asian avatars, not caucasian. Just as a complementary information.


Domch & Arj are Asian avatars too. And so what if some of the men are gay, get over it.

silverdrake sparrow

I don't understand the anti-gay remark - I'm a straight woman, and I can easily admire the beauty of a gay man, another woman or a straight man who is not available to me sexually. What does sexual orientation or availability have to do with this contest?!

Shai Delacroix

Just hollah at the hotness! Way to go for acknowledging male "beauty" <3

Winter Jefferson

I see different races and shapes here. Prad displays his heritage. So does Arj. There's facial hair, glasses, different skin tones and vampire fangs. There is only so much diversity avaliable within the scope of a humanoid avatar, and I believe we've covered a fair bit of it. Don't forget this is just round one as well.
As far as sexual orientation goes - geez... Rupert Everett still has many woman who sigh over his looks. Rock Hudson. John Barrowman. George Michaels. Err... Neil Patrick Harris. It matters naught in this whether we date women, men, robots or sheep - okay, maybe not SHEEP - but it's just a matter of selecting whoever appeals to your sense of aesthetics the most.

Unless you really do like sheep. In which case I'll direct you to the New Zealand Agricultural Society pin-up page instead.


Just posting to say ...

studmuffin rubic?


I'm so stealing that as a group title.

Iris Ophelia

Err, a few things...

Since the list will be top 10, these are not the only semi-finalists. Part one of three.

Also, as has been pointed out and will be even clearer as the list progresses, there's lots of diversity happening here.

Furthermore, I didn't choose the 30 semi-finalists based on appearance alone. Factors like style, personality, activities etc all played a role. Yes, a lot of them use prefab shapes, but if people didn't think prefab shapes were attractive, it wouldn't be such lucrative business. As a matter of fact, two of the semi-finalists shown here are behind one of the most successful prefab shape stores in all of SL.

If you want a shape that is uniquely your own, more power to you (and I'm the same way), but don't apply that to others who may not be so skilled with their sliders, please.

And lets please keep in mind this is a list of hot male avatars, not hot straight male avatars. Just because someone is gay doesn't change what their avatar looks like, or how attractive their personality is, right? It's not The Dating Game. ^^

Perry Proudhon

LMAO @ Winter's sheep comment.

Agree about the pre-made shapes, but I only see a few up there -- I was careful not to vote for those (not necessarily because the shapes are pre-made, but because I don't find that typical SL male look attractive).

Ganymedes Costagravas

Vote casted :o)

Batty Snook

On this list, I know just 1 av I can dance with.... 'caus he's tall.... so I vote.... Tur ^^


the best is "Turlututu Chaffe", for sure, check it out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/turchaffe/2560655191/


Turs face is everywhere i like the fact arj and raul up there and there gay omg does that mean i cant swoon over them lol <33333333333333333

good luck everyone


Voted :]

Good luck guys!


Cast my Vote for the BEST guy I see, only one real decent one anyway...

Connie Sec

Wot??...No Prok???..the "Great Socialist Conspiracy" strikes again.

Gahum Riptide

Two of the finalists indeed have a premade shapes business and they encourage people to TWEAK their shapes to suit them. One of them actually changes his look all the time. I think it's rather snide to make a comment like that since this is obviously not about appearance alone. I nominated the people I did based mostly on what they do and their personality, NOT just what they look like. If you don't like that, don't vote for them. Simple, rather than kvetching about it in comments.

Second, who cares if some of the men are gay? This isn't all about what straight women want. Gay men have been voting in this too. Frankly, a comment like that makes you look like a jerk.

Rawly Rousselot

They are CARTOONS, people...gawd, how hard is it to have a cute avatar in SL?

Tschey Ballinger

This is nutz,

some of ths pix are PS'ed n others are not to much PS'ed..

should make it fair enough to make all pix without PHOTOSHOP TOUCHING...

thats my 5 cents...n other then that...
im not to much into pixel drooling...:-)

Gahum Riptide

Rawly is right afterall, these are just cartoons. I'd bet that most of the guys here find it silly, while many of you ladies are acting like this is Mr. Universe. lol.

Holly Klaxon

Prad gets my vote. If you think he looks hot there, you should see him naked :-) from below.


I noticed men are a lot more catty and jealous in commenting on male pageants and "beauty contests" than women ever are when it comes to female beauty contestants. Get over the macho hostility crap, the contestants aren't threatening the piece of turf you marked out so painstakingly with your pee earlier this morning.

Also, whoever remarked on the gay bit, I hope you meet a gay man more gorgeous than you and he makes you feel insecure.

Ananya Mai

Go Maddox!!!

Simple Spad

what, no signature skins??? come on..hahahaha

contest would be better with more variety, but its round 1!!

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