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Monday, November 03, 2008


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ArminasX Saiman

Hehe - the upswing might be due to those who tried out OpenLifeGrid and quickly ran back to the safety of Second Life, which actually works!

Doreen Garrigus

The vast majority of people are not going to spend $75 a month on virtual entertainment, let alone $125. They go into Second Life as a diversion from real world problems and responsibilities---and an increase in the price of open space sims doesn't change that.

When they are, like many people in the real world, facing the possibility that they won't be able to pay their mortgages in real life, they aren't going to have much sympathy for (or even much time for) a protest about the prices of virtual mortgages.

This is a thing we must face: Nobody starves in Second Life, and nobody sleeps on the street. Avatars don't need health care or life insurance or full time jobs. The consequences of someone having to give up an open space sim are minor. To compare that to losing your house in real life is ludicrous and laughable.

Most residents have completely ignored this tempest in a teacup and gone on doing what they have been doing all along: hanging out in Second Life for fun.

Bliss Crimson

The people who bought into Open Spaces were that small but valuable percentage who were actually investing Real Money into Second Life. While a greater majority don't bother to buy land, or spend real money in SL, they also bring nothing to SL in terms of profit -- hence Linden Labs killing of Open Spaces is also killing off of that small percent who were settling in of long term ongoing infusions of real money into SL. So LL can sit back and wonder in the months to come why there are more people, but less money from them. With the economy in a crunch LL is only making it that much more easy to chose Second Life as what NOT to spend one's not so disposable income upon.

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