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Monday, November 10, 2008


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Annyka Bekkers

ooooh Avatar 2.0!


Have you people ever understood why megaprims had never been officially accepted by lindens?

Like... have you ever tried to use sensor for pathfinding just to realize that the center of some bloody megaprim is out of the sensor's range and thus you never got back proper values. (And since non-phys + non-phys would never invoke a collision event you are pretty much dead with proper pathfinding or have to deal with awful workarounds.)

45k prims per sim? are you nuts? There are builders who can raise a sim from 3-5k and you want 45k?

Do you want to see sims created from tens of thousands of prims crashing your machine while loading zillions of unoptimized 1k textures...?

*takes a stress pill... and another one...* gaa... those lips sure use can some _more_ botox arent they...? *meds take A-Not away*

Albert Revolution

For mi is all right. I am workin only in the OpenSim's grids and project from some months, and I am using megaprims and buidings imported from 3dMax with 3000-4000 prims on them.
I do not understand the comments of the last useer "Anonymus". I used the Prim Composer from Shack to manage the buildings and the ussefull tools to manage megaprims, because than in OpenSim, and realXtend, using the xml2 options you can put al the prims from a sim in the x-y-z coordenates than you need, without need to manage the megaprim looking for it is center.

Ananda Sandgrain

New types of avatars and importing meshes!? Much much bigger deal than mega-prims and (mostly hypothetical) 45k prim limits. :D

Macphisto Angelus

Good article! I have been a Klee viewer user since I heard of them. I won't use any other as some that are being used out there are buggy and problematic at best. This includes the LL brand.

As for the 100M prim size. I use the routinely in the 3DX Studio Standalone available on the OpenLife website and I have seen them in world. No issues at all.

OpenLife is not SL. People need to realize that when thinking in terms of mega prims and the like. It is a new world.. leave your linden logic in SL if you come. :)

Aplonis Ember

I mainly look forward to the day when I can import a full NURBS model from a real CAD program like Rhino 4 or similar. Sculpties are a poor subistute for this much needed feature. Full-mesh avatars will be a major advance in that direction.

So I too have gone and registered likewise as Aplonis Ember in all three (RealXtend, OpenSim and OpenLife) on the expectation that it will sooner happen there than in SL proper. This will allow me to keep an eye on them for possible future migration. And I pop into each perhaps once a week or so to tinker around for a while.

Meanwhile I continue to spend most of my VR time in SL because that's where my friends are and not out of any mis-placed loyalty to the Lindens. I have zero brand-name loyalty. Haven't had for years. Having once owned a Harley Davidson cured me of it.

That said, I'll now be on the hunt in SL for freebies I can collect and export via Second Inventory to each of these other VR worlds. Call it hedging my bets.


@Aplonis -- be careful taking stuff out of SL. Free or paid stuff is only for use within SL and you could end up with heap of troubles.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Neat... now, how might I as a Linux user compile this viewer?

Macphisto Angelus

KLee will be making a Linux version. No time frame yet, but it is slated for after the MAC version is out.

Torrid Luna

You cannot blame the Opensimulator based worlds for sharing features that won't work in Second Life. Linden Lab had their fair chance to launch bigger prims after the implementation of Havok4, there even was a poll what sizes one would prefer, but they missed that chance. Not supporting more prims is just their pricing policy, if you need 45k prims, no problem, just buy 2 more sims...

And you really shouldn't blame Kirsten for supporting these worlds with a tweaked and improved viewer. Not only has she launched Openlife client, she also released one for Goode Olde Second Life(tm) lately, that seems to be the best and fastest rendering client ever. Another feature often missing with Lindenlabs(tm) own products...

And your sensor, Anonymous-Not can only show you the center of the prims, but many of the Hugeprims out there are tweaked in a way that their center is far away from the visible middle. Change them to a sphere, to see that you are probably more than 96 meters away. (96, again one of these arbitrary restrictions...)

Torrid (also waiting for a Linux version^^)

Kevin Leake


During the past week, OpenlifeGrid has closed its doors to the Second Life Viewer and Second Inventory.

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