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Friday, November 07, 2008


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Nightbird Glineux

Hon, I have to solve puzzles to spend money somewhere?

I'm having nothing to do with this cynical sh*t.

Sasun Steinbeck

Ouch! I found it incredibly fun, myself. Interesting how people can lash out in ignorance without actually finding out for themselves. It was a very engaging and fun adventure, and the story was heartwarming. One of the most unique things I've seen in SL. I recommend you don't make snap judgements followed by completely unwarranted and undeserved flames (cough) for such a talented artist, dear readers, but go experience it yourself.

Twig Tomorrow

I went on the journey and found it incredibly mesmerizing and intricate. I was 2/3rds up the tower when RL interrupted and I had to abandon my quest. Much to my total disappointment, the tower and clues had been removed just a few hours later. I still highly recommend visiting this amazing artist's works.

Therese Carfagno

Hello Twig. The tower has been moved to the Black Swan sim – you can finish it there!

Decoy Nagy

People trying to locate the artist should note that her name is spelled Bryn Oh.

Hamlet Au

Whoops, fixed.

Kate Amdahl

This certainly seems clever and creative, and it seems like a good and appropriate way to get some publicity (I always like it when people who create something fun get talked about, because I consider creating fun a service to Second Lifers), but I don't know that it's necessarily a good idea to hold it up as an example of good *marketing* particularly.

It might be a way to create buzz, but there's quite a difference between someone talking about your store or visiting your store and lots of people buying things there. If the talk is all about your products, then that's very good marketing, but if the talk is about something completely unrelated - like a fun puzzle - I imagine it's a little difficult to convert that interest into sales.

But it sounds as though Bryn just meant for the search to be good fun, and perhaps she's succeeding there. :)

Of course, I've flagrantly neglected my own store and have never marketed it properly, so I may not be the best one to listen to on the subject!

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Nightbird Glineux

@ Therese Carfagno: "Hello Twig. The tower has been moved to the Black Swan sim – you can finish it there!"

So let me get this straight: I would now have to go through Rezzable's paywall to solve puzzles to spend money at a store? Right...

You have fun with that.

Phillip Vought


I like to think of it as keeping out the riff-raff, those that are not involved enough or understanding enough of the art will not invest the time to find a place where you can take a piece of it home with you.

I have 2 of Bryn's pieces on display at my home now and look forward to aquiring more.. it must be said though, that taking the items out of their proper context weakens them some and others dont see the pieces the way I first saw them.

vegas seo

Keeping out the riff-raff? Are you sure its not just keeping out potential customers and people who just don't want to deal with annoyances?

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