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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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Vivienne Graves

Beauty is highly subjective, and the utility most things is questionable in the context of a virtual environment where whatever utility something like a vehicle or weapon has is less important than aesthetics--how many people own SL vehicles and use them as static props, instead of driving them? How many people own pistols, swords, daggers, and use them more as accessories for whatever look their avatar has at the moment than as weapons?

Some SL products marry form and function in a way that makes them the best of their kind; two things that instantly come to mind here are the Dominus Shadow and weapons from C-Tech. Neither of these are limited editions, nor are they stupendously expensive in SL terms (L$2368 and about L$1500, respectively), but in the combination of both appearance and utility they have no real competition in their respective market niches.

Uccello Poultry

So by this criteria highly precious and valued relationships, experiences, memories, activities, aren't as valuable as virtual material goods ... items subject to the vagaries of the Inventory servers. :::makes notes that she's doin' somethin' wrong then proceeds to the nearest mall:::


The most precious item in SL is that one you made yourself - the one you didn't know you could do until you did it. What's more precious than learning new stuff?

It certainly isn't the one with the stupidest faux-scarce marketing scam around it...

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