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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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Ann Otoole

Always a pleasure to read about AM Radio's latest work.

Bettina Tizzy

"Many of AM's previous works, while gorgeously wrought, allowed for little direct interaction..." Oh, Hamlet, you are so wrong! Most of them have *many* hidden secrets. Ping me in-world for a tour :P

Hamlet Au

Would love a personal tour, Ms. Tizzy. Far as lack of interactivity, I mean that in most of AM's sites I'm familiar with, the objects mainly seem to be static, and the environment doesn't change from your involvement in it. Hidden secrets are nice, though.


Nice if its not as lifeless -- as its always been. Also, I love how everyone can be an artist in SL. (Also, a CEO too, lol.)

Gahum Riptide

What a boring world it would be, Anonymous-Not (adoreable) if we all liked all of the same things. Bravo.

thaumata strangelove

listen to bettina. if you think they're not interactive, you haven't spent enough time there yet. :) that's the beauty of it.

Hitomi Mokusei

Hamlet, I totally agree with Bettina and Thaumata. AM Radio's builds, besides being just beautiful in their exquisite detail, and wonderful to just spend time in, also have much to interact with that is not apparent initially. You need to spend some time in them....time to explore, and find what is there. Not all is revealed on the surface.

I think his builds are some of the best that are found in SL, not only for their beauty, and the exquisite, careful detail that he puts into everything he does, but also for something less tangible. I always describe it as a certain emotional resonance that permeates so much of what he does. It is part of what makes so many people love being in his builds, and why so many return over and over again.

Hitomi Mokusei

Anonymous-Not.... There is nothing lifeless at all about AM Radio's builds which I assume you are referring to in that somewhat oblique manner you used, and there is certainly no doubt that he is an artist in both SL and RL, whether you think so, or not.

That doesn't mean you have to agree with others who do consider what he does an artistic creation, nor do you have to like what he does, but I think if you are going to bother to take the time to post a comment to criticize someone's work, considering the tremendous amount of time and effort that go into any creation, then wouldn't it be more appropriate, and respectful to do that under your SL name, rather than an anonymous moniker?

miketually Aeon

Is there a list anywhere of AM Radio's other builds?

Oriscus "Oz" Zauberflote

The real art in AM's work, aside from meticulous attention to detail (which anyone with the patience of Job can do), is his remarkable use of light and shadow. One aspect of this installation that differs from most of his work is that the time of day is not fixed. I've spent a lot of time there in the last week and it's different every time because the light is different. I'm learning a lot from this piece--not just about building, but about seeing.


To miketually Aeon, Do a search on People and AM Radio, his builds are in his picks :D

It is a wonderful build

Nebulosus Severine

The first ever voice interview with elusive Second Life artist AM Radio will broadcast as part of The Amy Freelunch Hour, on Arthole Radio, this Wednesday, November 26th:

Arahan Claveau: 9.00pm UK/GMT (1.00pm SL/PST)
Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm UK/GMT (2.30pm SL/PST)
Nebulosus Severine: 9.00pm US/EST (6.00pm SL/PST)
Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm US/EST (7.30pm SL/PST)

To listen to the stream, copy and paste this link into your streaming media player - http://slan13.ipr365.com:10320

Read more on Amy's blog - http://amyfreelunch.wordpress.com/

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