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Thursday, November 27, 2008


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I'm thankful that we'll eventually get 1.25, and that they didn't release it into the wild yet.
Quick question, is there a light client I can use to get around a work firewall?

Vidal Tripsa

Neither I or my Puppeteer has tried this "pumpkin pie" you speak of, but free food's a good incentive for me to indulge in ceremony regardless of any atomic-world geographical gap.

I'm thankful for family. That's the essence of it. They're my raison d'être, my companions throughout my second life, and I owe them so much in ways that only partners can share. Mushy perhaps, but true. ^_^

Gimme pie.


All that Second Life is... I LOVE learning, and there is so much here; technology, friends, collaboration, exploration, and on and on....

Loki Eliot

I'm thankful for the oppertunity to have a second childhood and all the fun and love i gain from it.


I'm thankful for all the shopping, and it keeps getting better every year! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alex Lapointe

Definitely all of the fantastic friends that I never would have met without Second Life. I love them all! :D

Becca Imako

Good friends, being able to be creative, being able to be who you want to be :)

CyFishy Traveler

I am thankful for the freedom to express myself in ways that are, indeed, completely impossible for me to do in the flesh.

I am thankful for the creative medium that Second Life provides.

I am thankful for the friendships I have made through Second Life and the relationship I managed to heal from what I'd feared was irreparable damage.

I am thankful for Beginning, and especially for her part in that healing.


I'm thankful to have met my wife on SL and for all my good friends there!

Arahan Claveau

I'm thankful that no real turkeys are slaughtered.


I'm thankful for the many opportunities I've received because of my involvement in SL -- from paid blogging gigs to speaking engagements to two different full-time jobs that I love!

I'm thankful for all the amazing SL designers, artists, and coders out there that continually blow me away and keep me coming back inworld to experience the next level of awesomeness.

I'm thankful for the enormous spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy that I find in SL whenever there is a need -- whether it's a natural disaster, a person with sudden medical need, or just some technical task that I need help with. I know so many stories of so many people who put a need out there into the metaverse and found support and help from other residents.

I'm thankful for SL voice, which for me adds a whole new layer to my interactions that really makes a much stronger case for the usefulness of this platform.


I am thankful that my case got resolved to my benefit and that I will be able to stay where I am and look to a brighter future.
I am also thankful to have gained so many friends in and out of SL in the past 2 years.

Amara Parmelee

I'm thankful for SL because without it, I would have never known my RL fiance existed. We would have never crossed paths any other way. I'd never imagined something so meaningful through a "game" of all places

I am thankful for the many friends I have found here in SL, some as important to me as my blood relatives. They come from everywhere in the world, not just the US or Canada, but China, Japan, Europe, everywhere.

I am thankful for the many experiences and bridges to new cultures I found here. Many of the things I learned actually help me in RL as well. I am more open to different cultures now because I've met the people :)

I am thankful for the artistic side of SL, the tools that Linden Lab gives us. I'm able to create to my heart's content; make beautiful photos; build my home from scratch; it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Dizzy Banjo

I am thankful for all parts of the community of Second Life, ( including the Linden part that just happen to make the platform ).

I'm perhaps most grateful for the artists, musicians, builders, the community builders, educators and businesspeople who have pushed this medium to new heights in so many ways.

But I'm also grateful for the furries, the 'blingtards', the sexual experimentors in all their forms, the recluses, the casual virtual toe dippers and many other users. Whilst they the provide easy targets for the mainstream media, they have been a significant part of the early adopter phase development of this platform. Everybody's history is intertwined in SL. We need to be careful about pretending some elements of successful communities don't exist, simply to achieve a sanitised product we *think* may be more suitable for the mainstream.

Sophrosyne Stenvaag

Is there any pie left? I know I'm late to the party...

Family above all, always. Argent, Galatea, Vidal - you make everything worthwhile.

Friends, the ones I see regularly, and the ones I don't see often enough.

Intellectual challenges - from thinking about identity and community, and how they work in digital worlds. Provocation, questioning, suggestions, inspiration, from friends and not-friends who push me to my limits of understanding.

*looks around shiftily and steals a bite of Vidal's pie*

Sered Woollahra

SL offers me to opportunity to experience things I can't in real life. Like flying ancient aircraft and owning real estate, for instance! Of course the SL experience isn't equal to RL, but still, I appreciate it.

Two Worlds

I'm thankful that the virtual world is a fine place and worth the fighting for.

Nyoko Salome

pumpkin pie?? ;0 oh i gotta then! ;) got any whipped cream for the top? ;) (i still have leftover pumpkin pie in the fridge from tgiving too...)

i have to say that - before sl - perhaps my thanksgivings didn't feel so 'thankful'. i didn't have much of a place in rl where i felt i could stretch my artistic and programming abilities in any way that would feed my inner 'digital artist'...

:0 now i feel very thankful and grateful for my second life, for all my friends and benefactors, and for my real life. :) it is a blessing to have every one of you in my sl, my rl, and even in my dreams. :)

now if there's one thing i'm not thankful for is the need for at least six-to-eight hours of sleep... ;0 why couldn't the earth have settled into a 36-hour day? ;0 if it's saying much - sl has instilled me for the first time in my life (at least, to the core) that there 'simply is not enough time in the day.' :\ i'm morally opposed to life-extension efforts - but i do still personally feel like a 200-year lifespan would 'be about right' to get allll the ideas in my head out into the world... ;0

and always, not to be cheeky ;0 but i'm thankful for hamlet au!! ;0 and for the times i could not be in sl (let alone even attend the mass of incredible events inworld), i always feel connected via your great and personable reporting. :) you presaged reuters ;0 and outlasted them too... :) they should have modeled your more 'lifestyle'-oriented coverage. or at least have hired you to show them the way! ;0

our second lives can not exist without our first lives though, and the entire world has it tough... :\ many, many happy thanks-givings to all of the world... and more importantly, blessings for peace and prosperity.

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Yes I agree with you!

Ken March

I'm thankful that I have received many opportunities because of my involvement in SL .. esp the islab.org, dedicated to provide tips, news and tools since Dec 2006.. :)

I'm thankful for New World Notes Blog, A must-read sl blog.. :)


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