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Monday, November 10, 2008


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CyFishy Traveler

Not so sure about the Business Week article being an Electing Obama moment. Maybe more of an Electing Reagan moment--ushering in a new era of blind greed that turned out to be unsustainable and that we're still recovering from.

Harper Ganesvoort
Not so sure about the Business Week article being an Electing Obama moment. Maybe more of an Electing Reagan moment--ushering in a new era of blind greed that turned out to be unsustainable and that we're still recovering from.

I agree to a certain extent; but isn't this more of a case of we simply ignore the marketroids? I don't see that kind of Eighties "Greed is good" mentality going on, except perhaps among the more unscrupulous land barons and similar. The big companies coming in and opening islands simply found out that they don't have a captive audience, unless they create active events that engage Residents and inspire us to jump to the venue and participate. They're starting to get the picture now on that; witness Coca-Cola's recent moves.


As for the Obama Administration creating an Office of the Avatar and having someone "working" there, I have to giggle at the possibilities that might come down the pike for what that avatar might look like? Would they "hire" a purple dragon with pink wings? Ruth? Maybe Richard Nixon (grin)! It's not a bad idea, though, in that they could experiment with regular office hours a few times a week, and see who/what shows up and what interactions take place -- Q/A, looking for info on government programs, discussion of planned policy, whatever else takes your fancy?


Uhm, what if we have a McCain moment instead?

What if Linden's current delusional obsession with Enterprise fails miserably (for me that's 'when' and not 'if') and they suddenly realise the people (they're currently ignoring) that were making SL profitable have left and ain't coming back?

I like your optimism but we have to consider that we, under the present leadership, may be the losing team and not the winning one.

Doubledown Tandino

When outside-of-sl grids develop an economy will be the next big "this changes everything" moment.

Ananda Sandgrain

I agree with CyFishy. Maybe the perspective is different for people who hadn't (and probably still don't) have experience in SL? Or does your "I didn't believe this was possible" apply to moments where cynicism, hype and greed triumph as well?

Charles2 McCaw

Whoaaa! It took the US over 230 years to reach the Obama moment, not counting the centuries before that when slavery was legal in the colonies. Now, even discounting for the fact that events seem to occur at a faster velocity in SL, we've still come a long way in a very short time. The good thing about a period of slower, steadier growth is that there is no bubble to burst.

That said, my personal "change agenda" is the "full and and seamless interoperability" of SL, OpenSim and other platforms! This is the only path to having VR emerge as Web 3.0

But in the meantime, while we're on the plateau, keep on keeping us informed WJA!

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