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Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Iggy O

hmmmmm...P-51 Mustang = Cadillac of the Sky.

Though given some recent performance hits I've been experiencing, on Wednesdays a P-26 "Peashooter" might be a more appropriate SL Warbird.

Sign me up!

Doubledown Tandino

First off, the US military is coming into SL for one reason and one reason only, recruiting.
They do NOT care about SL or the community. They care about recruiting through promotion as they always have.

"running simulations" is just an ideal fantasy of what they'd like to do. america's army was a disguised recruitment ad... US Military in SL will be the same.

Be all that you can be... NOW you can even go to a far off virtual land, and discover exotic pixelated residents from across the world... and kill them.

Hamlet Au

America's Army wasn't "disguised", DD, it was explicitly characterized as a recruitment tool. Far as SL, there are other US military projects that are not recruiting; the Navy is using is a development platform, for example.

Ann Otoole

If the US military wants to recruit more people then all they have to do is raise the maximum entry age to 55. No need for fancy recruiting. A lot of veterans would walk away from the misery of a failed American dream economy to get back to a life where they can do something real for one or 2 enlistment terms.

Paisley Beebe

Gwill Brickworks will be on Tonight Live on the 21st Dec to talk about the veterans support Network, Second Life is a great platform for Vets with disabilities brought on by Service.


yeah I don't see it working as a recruitment strategy for the US military. But for service oriented organizations like the Peace Corps or Americorp, I could see it being quite useful for targetting the 20-something and middle-aged demographics.

More on this on my blog .


Care to speculate that "gamers" as a general demographic is exciting for the military? Lots of people pre-trained in electronic communications, hand-eye coordination, etc... Setting up in SL is probably just slightly missing the target audience, but then they couldn't get a recruiting station into WoW or Warhammer or AoC I bet, where their real demographic of fast-talking fast-twitching kids tend to be.

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