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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Two Worlds

Okay, credit where credit is due (and just so I can prove I'm not a potty-mouthed Prok wannabe) I went to this place myself, and it is pretty freakin' awesome. I didn't get a chance to do the whole roleplaying thing myself (I went here at something like 1am, so no one was there) but the build looked very nice. They somehow found a way to simulate overcast weather, even on non-Windlight settings, as well as shadows on the ground and stuff. I was running the Nicolaz alternative SL viewer without Windlight, and yet it still turned out to be to an awesome effect.

Take note of this, SL property owners and builders. This is how sh*t gets done without having to rely on over-glorified bells and whistles.

(And Hamlet, quit deleting my comments, you crumbum.)

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