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Friday, December 26, 2008


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Loki Eliot

My fave blog post was this one

With drama like that which we saw at SL5B who needs TV soaps. I cant wait to see what occurs next year for SL6B, will it be Linden run event, will there be SL Fringe events?

To be Honest im totally fired up to take part in resident run HUGE events if at all possible.

Ann Otoole

The many thousands of visitors to date at my sim for the Peace on Earth Hunt probably makes it one of the largest, longest, and most widespread events in Second Life with around 400 locations participating.

Just goes to show you that anyone with the motivation and stamina to pull off a creative "event" can pretty much do so in Second Life. Unlike real life where there are too many ob$tacle$$$ set before us to ensure only the $elect/elite are allowed $ucce$$.

Favorite blog posts? Any reviewing my work :P

Perhaps Hamlet should run a poll for the most infamous blog posts of the year instead.

Doubledown Tandino

My favorite was the one where Prokovy said EVERYTHING.

I mean, covered it ALL

FlipperPA Peregrine

I don't really blog to be controversial or witty, just to keep track of what I've seen and done over the year. That said, here's some of the best and worst of 2008 I've seen so far... and I think a lot of it flew under the radar of most of the VW blogosphere:


Happy holidays! Regards,


Sarah M

Most, if not all, of the blog posts by Prad Prathivi have been amazing reading!!


That one is probably my favorite!!

Ann Otoole

How about this one:

Also the postings at Prad's blog on the same topic.


dangerous line buddy. yearning to get more from your side :)

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Got to be Gwyneth Llewelyn's "No More Limits!" post, http://gwynethllewelyn.net/2008/08/29/no-more-limits/, and especially the third page. Read it and you'll be amazed anything gets done in SL.


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