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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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Ciaran Laval

The infrequent but at times useful forum engagement by senior Linden's, most notably Zee who deserves a huge pat on the back for having the guts to talk straight, unlike some of the others who simply hid.

Linden Lab must cut the spin, it does them no favours and there has been too much of it.

Next year I think we'll see the background work of M coming to the fore, some impressive people have been recruited, I firmly believe they will pay dividends, whether we will enjoy those dividends is a different matter but I think for the company as a whole they will be good.

Openspaces will fail miserably, they simply aren't fit for purpose. They will have to be repackaged as something cheaper. Homesteads...I just can't see people paying those fees, not in Europe where you add VAT to that charge anyway, it's a really expensive product but I can see them being used more as a bridge between mainland and estate.

Ann Otoole

A significant milestone is the decision to conduct a top to bottom strategic review and the probably associated decisions related to priority focus on scaling the system for one million concurrency and the ever so important decision to revamp the viewer (A rewrite is something Mr. Rosdale said was not an option in a press interview forever ago). This has laid the groundwork for major changes during 2009 which I hope are positive. I'm not sure one million concurrency will be achieved but you never know. The right system architecture with he right support people, the right viewer everyone can comprehend and make fun use of, and the right marketing campaign can produce wondrous results.

So to me this is the real story of 2008. A major shift away from "Our System, We will not change anything" to "We really need to get into a competitive position and stay at the top by virtue of the most compelling product" is a major story if not the story of 2008. Naturally all this is linked to other stories. It is all one big circadian rhythm powered machine anyway.

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